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DOC - Microsoft Word Document 4 Files
Annual Performance Appraisal Self Evaluation Tool for Employees (DOC, 38KB)  
New Employee Evaluation (DOC, 621KB)  
Transitional Benefits (DOC, 28KB)  
Vacation and Sick Leave Corrections (DOC, 63KB)  
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Vacation Payout (DOCX, 26KB)  
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ACA Notice (PDF, 1.11MB)  
Accommodation Process for Faculty and Staff (PDF, 85KB)  
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program for Employees (PDF, 76KB)  
Annual Benefits Fair, July 13 2015 (PDF, 27KB)  
Annual Performance Appraisal for Administrative and Professional Staff (PDF, 1.51MB)  
Annual Performance Appraisal for Classified Non-Supervisory Staff (PDF, 1.51MB)  
Annual Performance Appraisal for Classified Research Assistants (PDF, 1.15MB)  
Annual Performance Appraisal for Classified Supervisory Staff (PDF, 1.52MB)  
Annual Performance Appraisal for Faculty (PDF, 646KB)  
Annual Performance Appraisal for Lecturers (PDF, 1.13MB)  
Annual Performance Appraisal for Post-Doctoral Employees (PDF, 652KB)  
Annual Performance Appraisal for Teaching Assistants (PDF, 710KB)  
Annual Performance Appraisal for Temporary Employees (PDF, 1.15MB)  
Annual Performance Appraisal Guidelines for Supervisors (PDF, 44KB)  
Aviso BSD (PDF, 610KB)  
Aviso De Compensacion Para Trabajadores (PDF, 97KB)  
Benefits Express (PDF, 199KB)  
Benefits New Hire ACA Notice (PDF, 256KB)  
Benefits New Hire FAQ (PDF, 370KB)  
Benefits New Hire Retirement Eligibility (PDF, 287KB)  
Benefits New Hire Summary (PDF, 326KB)  
Benefits ORP Acknowledgement (PDF, 13KB)  
Benefits ORP Summary (PDF, 342KB)  
Benefits ORP Teacher Retirement System Election (PDF, 193KB)  
Blue Care Connection (PDF, 1.26MB)  
Callier Center Medical Record Forms Management, April 11 2011 (PDF, 21KB)  
Cell Phone Allowance Request (PDF, 68KB)  
COBRA Election Notice (PDF, 500KB)  
Comet Discount Program ATT Mobility for Employees (PDF, 39KB)  
Comet Discount Program ATT Mobility for Students (PDF, 54KB)  
Comet Discount Program Costco (PDF, 322KB)  
Comet Discount Program Dallas Stars (PDF, 155KB)  
Comet Discount Program Ebby Halliday Realtors (PDF, 1.15MB)  
Comet Discount Program Sprint EVP (PDF, 966KB)  
Comet Discount Program Sprint Nextel (PDF, 170KB)  
Comet Discount Program Vendor Participation Agreement (PDF, 129KB)  
Conditions and Regulations of Employment (PDF, 38KB)  
Corrective Notice (PDF, 211KB)  
Criminal Background Check (PDF, 105KB)  
E-Verify Details (PDF, 179KB)  
EEO Statement (PDF, 625KB)  
Employee Assistance Program (PDF, 228KB)  
Employee Tuition Assistance Application (PDF, 444KB)  
Employment Verification Release (PDF, 1.98MB)  
Family or Medical Leave Request (PDF, 126KB)  
Glossary of Invstment Terms (PDF, 687KB)  
H-1B Petition Check Request (PDF, 26KB)  
H-1B Visa Processing Chart (PDF, 99KB)  
H-1B Worker Request (PDF, 173KB)  
Health Checkup, July 13 2015 (PDF, 483KB)  
Health Checkup FAQ, July 13 2015 (PDF, 1.61MB)  
HR Forum, July 1 2015: Part 2 (PDF, 622KB)  
HR Forum, October 7 2015 (PDF, 796KB)  
Insurance Benefits for Employees Working 30-39 Hours (PDF, 199KB)  
Insurance Benefits Nine Month Premium Deductions (PDF, 276KB)  
Insurance Enrollment and Changes (PDF, 480KB)  
Insurance Enrollment and Changes ACA (PDF, 608KB)  
Insurance Enrollment and Changes FAQ (PDF, 381KB)  
Insurance Enrollment and Changes for Retirees (PDF, 678KB)  
Insurance Requirements for Exchange Visitors (PDF, 128KB)  
Interview Guidelines (PDF, 504KB)  
Interview Question Guide (PDF, 103KB)  
J-1 Exchange Visitor Request (PDF, 706KB)  
J-1 Exchange Visitor Transfer (PDF, 105KB)  
Job Applicant Minimum Qualifications (PDF, 78KB)  
Job Applicant Tracking System Guide (PDF, 368KB)  
Organization Chart (PDF, 324KB)  
Payroll Deadline Policy (PDF, 92KB)  
Performance Improvement Plan Guidelines (PDF, 21KB)  
Personal Data (PDF, 171KB)  
Position Review and Request (PDF, 1.44MB)  
Prior State Service Verification (PDF, 337KB)  
Request for Assistance with Employee Permanent Resident Petition (PDF, 107KB)  
Return to Work TRS Retirees (PDF, 55KB)  
Sample Interview Questions (PDF, 125KB)  
Sample Interview Template (PDF, 99KB)  
Sample Telecommuting Agreement (PDF, 44KB)  
Sample Telephone Reference Check Questions (PDF, 72KB)  
Sick Leave Pool Application to Withdraw Hours (PDF, 57KB)  
Sick Leave Pool Licensed Practitioner Statement (PDF, 71KB)  
Sick Leave Pool Returned Hours (PDF, 38KB)  
Sick Leave Pool Voluntary Contribution (PDF, 14KB)  
Staff Promotion Assessment (PDF, 1.54MB)  
UCI Notice (PDF, 575KB)  
Understanding Compensatory Time (PDF, 574KB)  
US DOE Civil Rights Notice (PDF, 14.54MB)  
UTSW Pilot Program Ends, June 20 2014 (PDF, 210KB)  
Veterans Employment Preferences (PDF, 96KB)  
Veteran and Race Definitions (PDF, 69KB)  
Voluntary Veteran Status Self-Identification Survey FAQ (PDF, 70KB)  
Workers Compensation Notice (PDF, 160KB)  
Work Climate Survey Results 2006 (PDF, 8.19MB)  
Work Climate Survey Results 2008 (PDF, 11.81MB)  
Work Climate Survey Results 2010 (PDF, 431KB)  
PPTX - Office Open XML Presentation 10 Files
HR Forum, December 3 2014 (PPTX, 896KB)  
HR Forum, February 4 2015 (PPTX, 3.11MB)  
HR Forum, March 4 2015: Part 1 (PPTX, 468KB)  
HR Forum, March 4 2015: Part 2 (PPTX, 148KB)  
HR Forum, April 1 2015 (PPTX, 6.75MB)  
HR Forum, May 6 2015 (PPTX, 9.44MB)  
HR Forum, June 3 2015: Part 1 (PPTX, 268KB)  
HR Forum, June 3 2015: Part 2 (PPTX, 1.54MB)  
HR Forum, July 1 2015: Part 1 (PPTX, 19.65MB)  
HR Forum, August 5 2015 (PPTX, 24.63MB)  
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Vacation and Sick Leave Report (XLS, 20KB)  
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Benefits Package RAs TAs (ZIP, 2.41MB)