Employee Service Awards


Every fall semester, employees who reached service milestones of 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 years by the preceding August 31 are recognized in a service award ceremony. In a separate event, employees who reach their 25-year service anniversary are inducted into the distinguished Quarter Century Club. For more information, please see the Employee Service Award Program Policy (UTDBP3092) or contact EmployeeRelations@utdallas.edu.



Quarter Century Club
Last Name First Name Department

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Burbey Barbara Physics
Cortes Sergio Chemistry
Day Theodore Management
Elliott Euel Economic Political and Policy
Golden Richard Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Heard Linda Chemistry
Izen Joseph Physics
Lewin Peter Management
Lewis Craig Facilities Management
Milligan Susan Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Montgomery Homer Science/Math Education
Rollerson Sheila Economic Political and Policy
Schweitzer Haim Computer Science


Service Award Gifts

Five year gifts are sent to the Dean or Vice President of your school/division by University Events for distribution. Gifts for 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 year recipients are presented during the Annual Service Award Ceremony.

If you retire in the same year that you reach a service milestone, you will be sent a retirement gift instead of a service award gift.


Service Award Gifts
Milestone Gift


Coin bearing the UT Dallas Seal

Presented by the Dean or Vice President of your school/division


Coin keychain with the UT Dallas Seal

20-Year Paper weight bearing the UT Dallas Seal
Quarter Century Club Laser-engraved plaque bearing the UT Dallas Seal
30-Year Coaster set bearing the UT Dallas Seal
40-Year Clock bearing the UT Dallas Seal
50-Year Watch bearing the UT Dallas Seal on its face


Retirement Gifts

Human Resources provides University Events with a list of new retirees at the end of each month. University Events mails standardized gifts to retirees in recognition their service. A “retiree” is defined by the UT System Office of Employee Benefits.

If you retire in the same year that you reach a service milestone, you will be sent a retirement gift instead of a service award gift.


Eligible Service

  1. UT Dallas service as a staff, faculty or research/teaching assistant of 0.25 FTE [Full-Time Equivalent] or greater for at least 4 ½ months.* [Research/Teaching Assistants and Visiting Professors may received credit for time worked; See #3.]
  2. A nine-month faculty appointment would constitute one year of service.
  3. *Research/Teaching Assistants (RA/TA [Research/Teaching Assistants] ) and Visiting Professors will receive credit for time worked if they are hired into a regular position and worked both semesters in the fiscal year in which they were an RA/TA [Research/Teaching Assistants] or Visiting Professor.
  4. A leave of absence (LOA [Leave of Absence] ) will not count against time worked unless the employee was out more than six (6) consecutive months.
  5. Lecturers in a “temp” status will receive service credit if teaching in both semesters of the academic year at a 0.25 FTE [Full-Time Equivalent] or greater.
  6. Breaks in service are combined to calculate total service credit (i.e.: a service period of 1970-1974 and 1980-1986 would equal 10 years of service).
  • Service performed as casual labor or temporary employee.
  • Service as a student employee.
  • Service with any other agency of the State of Texas.
  • Service with any other component institution in the University of Texas System.


FY2016 [Fiscal Year 2016] Service Milestones


Is any of this information out of date?

Please let us know: EmployeeRelations@utdallas.edu

5 Year Service Milestone
Last Name First Name Department
Ackerman Robert Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Ahmadi Ali Electrical Engineering
Akbar Mohammad Mathematical Sciences
Armstrong D’Ann Research
Arora Sameer Electrical Engineering
Aubrey Lea Student Health Center
Basak Chandramallika Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Bass Christina CBH Hart
Benjamin Annie Student Success Center
Berardi Caryn Management
Berglund Dawn Communications
Bhui Rita Bioengineering
Bidmeshki Mohammad Mahdi Electrical Engineering
Boyd Elizabeth Arts Tech and Comm
Budd David Technology Customer Service
Burleson Tricha University Police
Chan Micaela Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Chandra Smita OIT-EAS
Chavez-Ruiz Olga Callier Center for Communication Disorders
Chen Jianqing Management
Cheng Samuel Management
Cherry Mary ECS Student Services
Chesser Gregory Management
Clark Andrea IR-AIS
Clarke “Hyder” Betsy Student Union
Cloer Malissa Management
Cochran Kristen Arts and Humanities
Cohen Galia Criminology and Sociology
Colbert Brooke Communications
Connell Nadine Economic Political and Policy
Cornelius David Facilities Management
Dalgic Tevfik Management
Davis Robert Interdisciplinary Studies
De Andrade Monica Jung Nanotech Institute
DeChastelaine Marianne Vital Longevity
Depew Matthew Space Sciences
Dorsey Floyd Science/Math Education
Dowling Patrick Arts Technology
Drew Linda Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Eroh Justin Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Fackler Eric McDermott Scholars
Feng Ranran Computer Science
Fettouh Maha Arts and Humanities
Filbey Francesca Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Fischetti Massimo Material Science Engineering
Fontenot Heyd Arts and Humanities
Ford Sonya Callier Center for Communication Disorders
Freindorf Renata Engineering & Computer Science
Galvan Anthony Institute for Urban Policy
Garcia Felicia Enrollment Management
Gawel Drue Management
Geissman John Geosciences
Gerard Lori Arts and Humanities
Green Tanya Enrollment Management
Griffin Corinne IR-EAS
Gu Yue Engineering & Computer Science
Hairston Lilia Student Counseling Center
Hamilton Edward CBH Chapman
Harrell Shereada Career Center
Harris Jacob UT Dallas International Center
Hashami Zohreh Chemistry
Hegi Harriett University Library
Henderson Kelley Career Center
Hering Megan Gray Arts and Humanities
Hicks Byron Network & Telecom Services
Hicks Jeffrey Management
Hodan Daniel Arts and Humanities
Howard William Career Center
Hu Qingwen Mathematical Sciences
Huang Yu Chemistry
Hulsey Daniel Medical Devices
Hunter Jemerian Callier Center for Communication Disorders
Izaguirre Misty University Police
Jackson Tamra Graduate Studies
Janes Cheryl Undergraduate Education
Junt Dorothea Facilities Management
King Hailey Science/Math Education
Kinnamon Bryan Technology Customer Service
Kirkland Shelly CBH Community Relations
Kumar Pushpa Computer Science
Lacy Emily Research
Lee Jae Wook Electrical Engineering
Lee Mark Physics
Lee Yun-Ju Material Science Engineering
Leeper Robert Academic Affairs and Provost
Lewis Timothy Arts Tech and Comm
Li Changsong Mathematical Sciences
Li Yaoyu Mechanical Engineering
Lilly Charles “Chaz” Engineering & Computer Science
Linder Kelly Financial Management Services - Operating
Lucas Daname Undergraduate Education
Makris Georgios Engineering & Computer Science
Malina Roger Arts Technology
Marchant Joe Management
Mason Charlotte Arts Tech and Comm
McCallister Kathan Research
Mccaskill John Public & Nonprofit Management
Mendoza Melinda Development & Alumni Relations
Milanko Jovica Facilities Management
Moore Edward Facilities Management
Morales Katherine Communications
Morgan William Space Sciences
Mueller Mary Catherine Translation Center
Muharremoglu Alp Management
Murchison David Biological Sciences
Murphy Julie Student Success Center
Nguyen Thoa Thi Kim Financial Management Services - Operating
Nilekani Rohan Financial Management Services - Operating
Novak Bruce Natural Sciences and Math
Osborne Bethell-Anne Executive Education
Park Wooram Mechanical Engineering
Perez Virgilio Procurement Management
Philoon Lucas Engineering & Computer Science
Pho Anh Environmental Health & Safety
Piquero Alexis Economic Political and Policy
Piquero Nicole Academic Affairs and Provost
Poucher Jesse Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Ramachandran Nithya Material Science Engineering
Ramirez Marcela Mireles Material Science Engineering
Ray Pradipta Biological Sciences
Recabarren Carlos Busso Electrical Engineering
Reyes Maria Management
Riddle Russell CBH Chapman
Rios Oziel Mechanical Engineering
Ritchey Kemberly Management
Roberson Teressa Center for BrainHealth
Roffe Patricia Office of Information Technology
Rojas-Villareal Raul Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Rugg Michael Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Rupert Austin Student Wellness Center
Ryder Amanda Enrollment Services
Saavedra Jaime Facilities Management
Salavarria Stephanie Electrical Engineering
Scott Brian Research
Sebeniecher Kacey Student Wellness Center
Seeligson Michael Honors College
Slack Ryan Enrollment Services
Smallwood Margaret Management
Solcher Steven Management
Song Qiongxia Mathematical Sciences
Spigelmyer David University Police
Sprinkle Sarah Research
Stapp Betty Interdisciplinary Studies
Stehlik Amber Callier Center for Communication Disorders
Stephens Dennis Facilities Management
Straach Janell Computer Science
Swartz William Electrical Engineering
Taylor Willie Facilities Management
Taylor Nelson Jackie Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Teed Adam Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Thomas Charles Student Media
Tran Khoi IR-EAS
Trimble Bobby IR-AIS
Turney Rachel Housing Operations
Uribe Daniel Mathematical Sciences
Valencia Dianne Callier Center for Communication Disorders
Valente Rubia IPE-PPPE
Veerjee Farah Records and Registration
Vitta Josephine International Center
Wakeman Conor Research
Walker Charla University Police
Wang Dongmei Electrical Engineering
Wang Hufeng Mathematical Sciences
Wardlaw Malcolm Management
Warren Kimberly Research
Weatherly Joshua Academic Affairs and Provost
Webber Megan Callier Center for Communication Disorders
Wedderburn Monique Development & Alumni Relations
Wester David Athletics
Wilson C University Police
Wong Jenny Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Wooyeol Choi Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Wu Marjorie Management
Xia Han Management
Yoo Hyuantae Biological Sciences
Yurkovich Stephen System Engineering
Zhang Xiaoping Undergraduate Education
10 Year Service Milestone
Last Name First Name Department
August Bruce Multicultural Center
Bass Misty Athletics
Basu Kalpana Comet Center
Baxter Paula Executive Education
Baynham Karen Arts and Humanities
Blecher Barbara Management
Boots Denise Economic Political and Policy
Borovkov Irina Biological Sciences
Bowles Nancy Instl Equity Compliance
Brem Gary OIT-EAS
Camp Linda Political Science
Canas Joseph Facilities Management
Cao Yan Mathematical Sciences
Cavusoglu Huseyin Management
Cole John Computer Science
Collins Sean Student Union
Crone Mareze Records and Registration
Curtis Ellen Arts Tech and Comm
Davis Dena Arts and Humanities
Deguzman Gracelyn Callier Center for Communication Disorders
Deluke Eugene Management
Dempsey Richard Office of Administration
Distin Kimberly Anne Science/Math Education
Dollaghan Christine Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Doyen Anthony Undergraduate Education
Du Ding Computer Science
Dufour Frank Arts Tech and Comm
Duke Stephen OIT-TCS
Duran Maria Facilities Management
Dutia Anahita Undergraduate Education
Efromovich Sam Academic Affairs and Provost
Everson Donna Financial Aid
Fair Margaret Academic Affairs and Provost
Fechter Todd Arts Tech and Comm
Foster Sharon Management
Gaarder David Budget
Gooch John Arts and Humanities
Greenwald Ellen Student Counseling
Grief Matthew Housing Operations
Hankins Lynn Management
Hart John Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Hernandez-Katz Melissa Arts Tech and Comm
Hu Wenchuang Electrical Engineering
Jacobsen Lori Bursar Office
Jascott Jay Facilities Management
Kantarcioglu Murat Computer Science
Kaualoku Theresa Development & Alumni Relations
King Devin University Police
Krawczyk Daniel Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Lemos Briana Student Development
Lewis Tara Arts Tech and Comm
Li Xin Economic Political and Policy
Linsteadt Chris Management
Lopez Rebekah Bursar Office
Loveless Richard Accounting and Financial Rept
Lowry Robert Economic Political and Policy
Lundblade Criselda Management
Lyles Lisa Arts and Humanities
Mancilla Josefa Facilities Management
Manikandan Jayashree Payroll Operations
Martin Adam Facilities Management
McCary Brady Mathematical Sciences
Mccormick Nicholas Information Security
Mcelrath Pamela Residential Life
Mekasha Yemane University Police
Minnish Roxanne Arts Tech and Comm
Motes Michael CBH Hart
Myers Larry Facilities Management
Nazir Zalimoon OIT-TCS
Noble Carol Enrollment Services
Nunn Bruce Network & Telecom Services
Orozco Holly Financial Aid
Pace Mark Environmental Health & Safety
Piper Benjamin Activity Center
Polze Matthew Management
Powers Kathy Callier Center for Communication Disorders
Presnell Rachel Student Health Center
Rachavong Supat Facilities Management
Ratchford Brian Management
Reedy Lakeisha Facilities Management
Rodriquez Christa Arts and Humanities
Roemer Nils Ackerman Center
Rogers Tomieka Callier Center for Communication Disorders
Rypma Bart Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Sandler Todd Economic Political and Policy
Schneckner Carrilaine Graduate Studies
Shanks Imperio UT Dallas International Center
Smith Nicole Economic Political and Policy
Snedecor Mary Science/Math Education
Spiro Stephen Biological Sciences
Swerdlow Joel Honors College
Tadlock Sharon Univeristy Library
Tady Lorraine Arts and Humanities
Thomason Rachel Athletics
Tu Stacey Management
Upton Gary OIT-TCS
Venetis Mary Academic Affair and Provost
Wang Jinguo Chemistry
Watkins Esther Student Success Center
Welch Julie Physics
Worrall John Economic Political and Policy
Wu Fang Management
Zheng Zhiqiang Management
Zhou Yibin Management
Zuber Karl University Police
20 Year Service Milestone
Last Name First Name Department
Bechtol Marilyn Management
Bray Carolyn Interdisciplinary Studies
Clark Jackie Behavioral and Brain Sciences
De Jong Jeff Biological Sciences
DeCillis Lauren Womens Center
Durbin Kelly Arts and Humanities
Flannery Carol Management
Gouaux Amos IR-AIS
Lippincott Donna Management
Mccracken John Executive Education
McEachern Pat Office of Information Technology
Montgomery Debbie University Library
Nelson Judy Enrollment Services
Newton Linda Center for BrainHealth
Pantano Paul Chemistry
Pirkul Hasan Management
Roffino Mary Financial Aid
Simpson Aaron IR-AIS
Thibodeau Linda Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Wenkstern Rym Zalila Computer Science
Wickberg Daniel Arts and Humanities
Winkler Kimberly Dean of Students
Xu Yexiao Management
Yu Nancy Biological Sciences
30 Year Service Milestone
Last Name First Name Department
Hairston Marc Space Sciences
Harrison Richard Management
Huynh Dung Computer Science
Turner Frederick Arts and Humanities
40 Year Service Milestone
Last Name First Name Department
Ammann Larry Mathematical Sciences
Bartlett James Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Chandrasekaran Ramaswamy Computer Science
Channell David Arts and Humanities
Dowling Walter Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Ferraris John Chemistry
Frazier Gary Physics
Glosser Robert Physics
Hicks Donald Economic Political and Policy
Leaf Murray Economic Political and Policy
Redlinger Lawrence Office of the President
Schulte Rainer Arts and Humanities
Wiorkowski John Management