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Comet Discount Program- Frequently Asked Questions


Q – I know there was a discount for a particular vendor a few months back, but now I cannot find the information on the website.  How do I get the discount?

A- All current vendor's and offers are listed. If a particular vendor or discount is not listed, it expired or has been removed.  Some discount offers are for a limited time, and vendors may discontinue an offer at any time.

Q- How can I have a favorite business included?

A- Ask the business to visit our website.  You could even take them a copy of the Vendor Request to Participate Form. PDF

Q- I think the price a vendor quoted me was more than or equal to regular customers who are not eligible for a discount.  I thought I was supposed to save money?

A- Be sure you research and compare prices and level of service before making any purchase.  Remember to show the vendor your Comet Card and to comply with any vendor requirements in order to qualify for the discount. If you are denied a discount that is listed on the website (for example, the vendor is asking for a promotion code and nothing is listed on the website), contact the Comet Discount Program Coordinator for assistance.  Finally, if in fact the discount is no discount at all, please notify the coordinator.  Vendors that are not offering a real discount will be removed from the program.

Q- Who may I contact regarding the discount program?
Comet Discount Program Coordinator: Susan Lerry

Phone #: (972) 883-5327