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UT Dallas - Human Resources

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Employee Service Awards Program

The service award ceremony is held in the fall semester honoring service years for the previous fiscal year. Awards are provided to recognize service at pre-determined intervals. Each year, employees who have by the preceding August 31 reached service anniversaries of 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 years are recognized. In addition, employees achieving the milestone of 25 years of service will be inducted into the distinguished “Quarter Century Club” in a separate event. Active employees who have been employed for 25+ years as of August 31, 2013 will be honored at the first Quarter Century Club event held in the Fall of 2013. Honorees will be listed in the service award program and asked to rise for recognition at the service award ceremony.

Service Award Gifts

  • 5-Year: Certificate and loose UTD seal coin presented by the Dean or Vice President of the employee’s school or division. Gifts and certificates will be distributed to the Deans and VP’s by the Office of the President. Employees will be invited to the ceremony and asked to stand and be recognized.
  • 10-Year: UTD seal coin key chain and certificate
  • 20-Year: UTD seal coin paper weight
  • 30-Year: UTD seal coin coaster set
  • 40-Year: Clock with UTD seal coin front
  • 50-Year: Watch with UTD seal face
  • Quarter Century Club: Laser engraved plaque with UTD seal

Retirement Gifts

Effective January 1, 2013, The University of Texas at Dallas will give standardized gifts to recognize retirees for their service. At the end of each month, the Office of Human Resources will provide the Office of the President with a list of new retirees. The Office of the President will mail the gifts to retirees. “Retiree” is defined by the UT System Administration Office of Employee Benefits.

If a retiree reaches a milestone year in the same fiscal year in which they retire from UTD, only the retiree gift will be presented.

Eligible Service

  1. Includes all UT Dallas service as a regular employee (i.e., half-time or more appointment for at least 4-1/2 months). Accordingly, 10 years of service at 50% time would equal 10 years of service, not 5 years.
  2. Includes all service under UT Dallas’ predecessor, the Southwest Center for Advanced Studies (SCAS); i.e., pre September 1, 1969.
  3. Includes all service under the Callier Center for Communication Disorders; i.e., pre September 1, 1975.
  4. Faculty are included in the program. A nine-month appointment would constitute one year of service under the program. [NOTE: Any staff appointed the same as faculty (September through May) would also be granted credit for one year of service.]
  5. Includes “broken” service (e.g., service period of 1970-1974 and 1980-1986 would equal 10 years of service).
  6. Excludes:
    • service performed as casual labor or temporary employee.
    • service as a student employee.
    • service with any other agency of the State of Texas.
    • service with any other University of Texas System component institution.

The President’s Office sponsors the annual Service Awards ceremony. For more information, contact Rena Piper (972.883.2204 /, special events coordinator in the Office of the President, or Human Resources (972.883.2221 /