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UT Dallas - Human Resources

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Q1. How do I apply for Sick Leave Pool?

Complete and forward to Human Resources the following forms as instructed:

            Application to Withdraw hours from the Sick Leave Pool

            Licensed Practitioner’s Statement

            Request for Family or Medical Leave

            Certification of Health Care Provider

Q2. Must I wait until I exhaust all of my leave time before applying for hours from the Sick Leave Pool?

No. Apply as soon as you think you may need an award of hours.

Q3. Why am I also applying for Family Medical Leave?

If an employee is absent for three or more days, or is anticipating an absence for three or more days due to a serious health condition, the U.S. Department of Labor requires job protection for certain eligible employees. Please review Family Medical Leave FAQs for more information.

Q4. I have a condition that might meet the requirements for the Sick Leave Pool, but I’ve never made a contribution to the pool. Am I eligible to apply for Sick Leave Pool hours?

Yes. All employees that accrue sick leave are eligible to apply for Sick Leave Pool.

Q5. What is the qualifying criteria that needs to be met to get hours from the Sick Leave Pool?

Catastrophic illness or injury such as a heart attack, cancer, stroke, paralysis, or major life threatening injuries suffered in an accident are some examples of qualifying conditions.

Q6. How much may I be awarded from the Sick Leave Pool?

Awards from the pool may not exceed 720 hours or 1/3 of the Sick leave pool balance, whichever is less, per catastrophic illness or accident.

Q7. Does Sick Leave Pool affect my insurance?

Because you remain in a paid status while on Sick Leave Pool, insurance is deducted from your paycheck as normal.

Q8. While I am on Sick Leave Pool, will I continue to earn my own vacation and sick leave?

Yes, but the accrued leave is not available for use until you return to work.

Q9. Can I donate to the Sick Leave Pool for a specific employee?

Donations can only be made to the general pool, not to a specific person.

Q10. Can I use Sick Leave Pool for my grandmother, for example?

Sick leave pool can only be used for the same family members for which sick leave may be used. Review the sick leave policy for more details.

Q11. How do I donate hours to the Sick Leave Pool?

You may make unlimited lump sum contributions to the Sick Leave Pool, provided your balance would not drop below 50 hours.

Employees who are terminating or retiring may donate their entire accrued sick leave balance. Employees who elect this option should carefully consider their decision. If the employee returns to employment with the State of Texas or a Texas institution of higher education within 12 months from the date they left UT, they are eligible to have their Sick Leave balances transferred to their new place of employment.

Q12. If I donate hours to the Sick Leave Pool and need sick leave later, can I get the awarded hours transferred back to my sick leave balance?

Yes. Any employee who has contributed to the Sick Leave Pool may submit a written request to the Sick Leave Pool Coordinator to receive a refund without suffering a catastrophic illness or injury if:

  1. You have exhausted you sick leave balance, and
  2. You have an immediate need to use sick leave.