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UT Dallas - Human Resources

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Hazardous Duty Pay

Hazardous Duty Pay

Law enforcement personnel of The University of Texas at Dallas shall be entitled to Hazardous Duty Pay in accordance with applicable laws.


All full-time commissioned law enforcement personnel who have completed 12 months of service are eligible for Hazardous Duty Pay.

Minimum Service Requirements

Upon completion of 12 months of service, Hazardous Duty Pay commences on the first day of the next month at the specified rate and continues at that rate until the completion of another 12 month increment. If eligibility changes during the month, Hazardous Duty Pay is effective the first of the following month.

The amount of an employee’s Hazardous Duty Pay is based on the number of months served in a hazardous duty position, which is also known as “lifetime service credit”.  The number of months is determined on the last day of the preceding month.

Transferred Employee Eligible for Hazardous Duty Pay

An institution or agency employing an individual on the first day of the month will be responsible for Hazardous Duty Pay.

Payroll Calculation

Hazardous Duty Pay is included in as part of an employee’s total compensation. It affects federal withholding, OASI, benefit calculations and retirement contributions. Hazardous Duty Pay is paid from the same source of funds as an employee’s salary.

Lump Sum Payment Calculation

Hazardous Duty Pay may not be considered in making calculations for lump sum vacation payments upon termination. If shall, however, be used in making calculations for lump sum payment of vacation and sick leave to the estate of a deceased employee.

Longevity Pay as it Relates to Hazardous Duty

If a state employee is receiving longevity pay and transfers after 5/29/87, to a position requiring the performance of hazardous duty, the employee will continue to receive longevity pay for the years of service performed in the previously held position.  The employee is not entitled to additional longevity pay for the period in which the employee receives Hazardous Duty Pay.

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