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UT Dallas - Human Resources

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Salary Policies

The Compensation function supports managers and employees with information and solutions on direct pay issues. TheBudget/HR Policy shows the current year’s plan for salary increases based on merit, promotion, reclassification and transfers, as well as detailing the associated budget processes. The Classified Compensation Policy is available for further detail.

The UTD Longevity Pay and Hazardous Duty pay policies offer detail on how, when and how much compensation an employee may be eligible to receive during their employment at UT Dallas.

The UTD FLSA Policy PDF, Overtime Policy PDF, Holiday Policy PDF and Employee Notice on Compensatory (Comp) Time provide quick and easy references for topics related to payment of overtime and compensatory time.

If you are interested in further information on these topics, please see the related links on this page. We are here to provide advice and consultation regarding compensation policies. On the Faculty & Staff page we also provide a list of Frequently Asked Questions on Compensation.

Contact Us

Click on the above link to view a list of Compensation staff that can assist you.