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UT Dallas - Human Resources

New Employee Checklist - For Employee

Printable Checklists

For New Employees PDF


This checklist is designed to be used as a guideline for new employees. It provides an overview of topics that should be discussed within the first months of employment. All topics may not apply to every employee. Different departments may have specific policies and procedures for new employees in addition to the general guideline below.

For All New Employees:

My 1st Day
Employee Eligibility Verification
Social Security Card
Parking Pass
Paycheck Information
Staff Introduction
Selective Service Verification Form (if applicable)
Overview of Department Policies
Paychecks and Dates
  Job Duties and Responsibilities
  Work Week and Hours
  Meals and Breaks
  Leaves and Absences
My 1st Week
Schedule Orientation
Campus Tour
Office Keys
Comet Card (Staff ID)
Computer Access
  Safety and Housekeeping
  Where to Get Department Help and Information
  Location of Supplies
  Equipment Use
  Probation Period (*Classified Employees Only)
My 1st Month and Beyond
Time Sheets
1st, 3rd and 6th Month Evaluations (*Classified Employees Only)
Attend Orientation (*Must Attend Within First 31 Days of Employment)
Benefits Selection (*Must Select Within First 31 Days of Employment)
Compliance Training

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