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UT Dallas - Human Resources

Alien Information Collection

The Alien Informaion Collection Form is completed only by appointment in the HR Payroll/Tax Compliance division, x2611. All nonresident alien employees must complete this form and are required to bring the following documents with them to their appointment:

  • Passport(s)
  • All Visas
  • I-94
  • All I-20s ( From all schools attended) OR
  • DS-2019 (formerly IAP66) from all schools attended

U.S tax law requires the University to withhold and report federal income tax payments made to or on behalf of non resident aliens. In order for the university to be in compliance, we must be able to identify all payments (including scholarships) made to nonresident aliens or third parties on their behalf to determine if possible exemptions of tax withholding may apply. Therefore, we must maintain information on each individual in order to comply with the federal laws.