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UT Dallas - Human Resources


This E-Packet provides access to certain new employee HR documents and policy.

You must provide the information below to your student employees (job group Z) and non-benefit eligible employees (job groups G, X). Benefit eligible employees (job groups A, C, F, H, W) receive the information at HR’s new employee orientation; so, you do not need to print this information for a benefit eligible employee. However, for expedited computer access, you should have the new benefit eligible employee complete the Non-Disclosure of Confidential or Sensitive Information prior to new employee orientation and route the form to Provisioning and Access Control, MP18.

In August and January, TA/RA's (job groups S & T) receive policy information at the graduate student orientation. If your student misses that orientation, you should have them complete the documents in Table 1 and give them a copy of Table 2.

Print the Table 1 documents; complete the documents, and route them as specified in the ACTION column.

Table 2 policies must be made available to your new non-benefit eligible employees (Job Groups G, T, X, Z). You can satisfy this requirement either by printing the six individual documents and giving a copy of each document to each new non-benefit eligible employee or by printing and giving this page to the new employee. The employee should log on to the policy sites and read the information. If your benefit eligible employee will not attend orientation, i.e. a Lecturer who teaches only in the evening, please print the information for them also.

Table 1

Conditions and Regulations PDF (Requires Adobe Reader) Acknowledge employment is subject to State laws & University rules. Send form to HR, AD10
Direct Deposit Authorization Form PDF Authorize electronic direct deposit of pay Send form to Payroll, AD36

Non-Disclosure of Confidential or Sensitive Information MS Word

Acknowledge regulations regarding confidential or sensitive information

Send form to Provisioning and Access Control, ROC 20

FERPA Responsibilities Acknowledgement Form Acknowledge regulations regarding privacy of student educational records Send form to Provisioning and Access Control, ROC 20
University Authorized Access Form (UAAF) Provide special visitors to campus computer access, e-mail, keys, etc. Provide new employees computer access, e-mail, etc until hire paperwork is received in Human Resources.

Send form to Provisioning and Access Control, ROC 20

*Note: When requesting computer access via the UAAF these additional forms are required: FERPA Acknowledgement Form, Non-Disclosure Acknowledgement Form (NDA) and Computer Account Request Form (CAR).

Computer Account Request Form (CAR) Request Computer Access Send form to Provisioning and Access Control, ROC 20

Table 2

Standards of Conduct PDF
Section 2113.014 of the Texas Government Code requires UTD to give this information to all new employees. The information covers the standards of conduct required of all State Employees.
Regents Rules on Intellectual Property PDF
Explanation of Intellectual property policy applicable to employees.
Alcohol & Drug Abuse Policy PDF
This program is required of federal contractors and universities by the Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988 and the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989. The link provides information about the University’s substance abuse policy.
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy UTD is committed to equal employment opportunity. This policy provides new employees with information about UTD's EEO commitment.
Sexual Harassment Summary
UTD has zero-tolerance policy toward sexual harassment. This summary provides new employees with important information about sexual harassment issues.
Workers' Compensation Insurance Notice PDF
Inform employees that they have Worker’s Compensation Insurance coverage and explain reporting procedures.
Information Resources Acceptable Use Guidelines
IR polices applicable to employees