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UT Dallas - Human Resources

I-9 Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ's

Document Questions

Q1. Can I accept a faxed or photo copy of a document?

No, you must review the original document.

Q2. Can I accept an out-of-state driver’s license?

Yes, you can accept an out-of-state driver’s license.

Q3. If the employee presents a Permanent Resident Card, do I need a copy of the Driver’s License and SS card?

For I-9 purposes, the employee may choose the documents that he/she presents you. The Permanent Resident Card is a valid List A employment eligibility document and does not require any other documentation.

Social Security Card Questions

Q1. What do I do if the new employee cannot present a Social Security card?

The employee may choose another document from List C. Or, the employee must present a receipt for the SS card. The employee then has 90 days (from hire date) to present the replacement SS card.

Q2. The name on the SS card is different from the name the employee listed on the form. What do I do?

Your purpose is to establish identity; ask the employee why there is a difference and review the second document. Does the name on the second document match the name on the form or the name on the SS card? Was the employee recently married? If you can answer these questions to your satisfaction, you can accept the SS card. Suggest that the employee update their SS record. Remember, the employee’s “payroll” name will be the name on the SS card. If you cannot answer the questions to your satisfaction, call HR at x2221.

Non-Resident Alien Documentation Questions

Q1. The SS card says “Not Valid Without DHS Authorization”. What does this mean?

This means that the employee must have DHS authorization to work and you cannot accept the SS card as an I-9 document. The employee must present a valid List A document such as a foreign passport and supporting documentation.

Q2. What do I copy when presented a foreign passport?

  • Copy the page with passport #
  • Copy the page with issuing authority
  • Copy the page with picture of non-resident alien
  • Copy the page with the expiration date of the passport
  • Copy the front and back of the I-94
  • Copy the front and back of I-20 or DS2019

Q3. Where do I find the passport #?

Passport # is stamped in front of passport or number imbedded in all pages of passport. Or ask the non-resident alien.

Q4. Can a non-resident alien show a driver’s license and SS card?

Yes. However the non-resident alien must complete the information in the “I attest...” section. The non-resident alien’s SS Card may not be marked “Valid for Employment only with INS authorization”. If the non-resident alien provides a SS card with this notation, you must ask the person to supply other valid documentation.