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UT Dallas - Human Resources


Required Forms

When is retirement paperwork processed?

Retirement paperwork is processed when an employee meets UTD retirement eligibility and informs the Administrative Unit of their decision. The Administrative Unit completes the Termination/Retirement Form and gives the retiree a job group “R” assignment. This retiree assignment provides the mechanism that tracks the State's premium sharing. The retiree class code and associated information are found in the Administrative & Professional Compensation Plan. If the employee is due annual leave, you must report the hours to be paid and, if applicable, add any holiday pay. Lump sum annual leave payments should include payment for any holidays that the employee would have observed had he or she remained on the payroll. Holiday hours are proportionate to percent appointment i.e 8 hours for full-time employees, 4 hours for half-time employees.

Prior to retirement, the employee must contact the appropriate retirement carrier, meet with their Benefits Rep and enroll in retiree insurance.

All University employees must go through the Checkout Procedure. This ensures the return of University credit cards, keys, books, etc. An employee must be cleared from each of the units listed in the checkout procedure before receiving his/her final paycheck from the University.

NOTE: A Termination/Retirement Form must also be completed and submitted to HR AD.10.

Forms Questions?

Contact Jay Manikandan, x2388. We strive to respond to calls and e-mails within one business day throughout most of the year. During our peak periods however, it may take two business days for us to respond. Peak periods include the start and end of each semester.