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UT Dallas - Human Resources

BCP Check List

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Emergency Business Resumption Check List for Supervisors and Managers


  1. Make two lists of your employees’ home and work contact information.  Keep one at work and keep the other at your home.
  2. Update the two lists every six months or as you become aware of changes.
  3. If phones are operating after the emergency, call your staff as soon as possible to find out if they are okay and if they are available to come in to work.
  4. If there has been a staff death, report it to HR.
  5. Keep a copy of current job descriptions for every position under your supervision.  You will need the descriptions if you need to fill vacancies while the UTD computer systems are unavailable.  HR suggests you keep the copy on a flash, or “thumb” drive.
  6. Check the UT Dallas web on a daily basis during any emergency for updated news and information.