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UT Dallas - Human Resources

Getting Started

Please review the UTJobs Tutorial PDF or read the Users Guide PDF in the Hiring toolkits for a complete presentation on the applicant tracking system. The information below is a condensed version of the hiring process:

In order to complete a requisition and post a job, go to UT Dallas Jobs to create a user account. HR will authorize access to the system and notify you by email. If you are an Administrative Assistant/Designee and responsible for entering the data for the requisition, list yourself as the hiring manager.  After completing the requisition, print it off to route for approvals. You can then electronically send it to the budget office. At this time, there are two options available in maintaining the requisition:

You can continue to update and maintain the requisition, including changing the statuses of all applicants based on input from the supervising interviewer, or

  • HR replaces your name with that of the supervising interviewer and that person is responsible for maintaining the requisition. However, they too must create an account online at UT Dallas Jobs to take advantage of this option.

Reviewing Applications and Maintaining the Applicant Pool:

While reviewing applications, for those applicants who definitely do not meet your qualifications, there is a status bar which indicates their phase of the application process.Under their status, there is a “Change Status” link. Click the link, select “Not Hired”, and then select a “Not Hired” reason. (Please contact us if you would like additional “Not Hired” reasons to be considered.) This will move the applicant into an inactive pool and assist you in managing your requisition. Other statuses, such as “Potential Candidate”, “Interview Pending” and “Interviewed” also help to keep the requisition manageable. Once you have selected a candidate, change the status to “Finalist” and, if possible, select two or more “Alternate” candidates.

Completing Job Offer Paperwork and Making the Offer:

The following documents must be provided to Human Resources before a Classified job offer is made:

  • Criminal Background Check –  must have already been approved by the University Police Department
  • Job Offer Request
  • Interviewer Sheets – must include for every candidate interviewed
  • Justification for Starting Compensation Rate – Budget will forward approved form to HR

Helpful Hints:

Requisitions must be posted on UT Dallas Jobs for a minimum of 5 work days with at least 5 applicants, or up to 10 work days or five applicants, whichever comes first.

  • Have all candidates interviewed complete a criminal background check to expedite the offer process when a finalist is chosen. Internal candidates must complete criminal background checks if the position will result in a promotion.
  • Complete the Interviewer Sheet immediately after interviewing each candidate.
  • Review the Budget/HR policy regarding salaries prior to determining the salary to be offered. Policies include information on promotions, demotions and lateral moves.
  • Enough candidates? Contact us and we'll remove the requisition from the web.

Contact Us

Click on the above link to view a list of Employment staff that can assist you.