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UT Dallas - Human Resources

New Employee Checklist - Guidelines For Departments

This checklist is designed as a guideline for supervisors and administrative assistants to use when bringing new staff into their department and for acclimating new employees to UT Dallas.

For All New Employees:

1st Day or Before (Forms)
  Personal Action Form
  Personal Data Form
  W-4 and Copy of Social Security Card
  Computer Access Request Form
  Selective Service Verification Form (if applicable)
  Comet Card Request Form
  Direct Deposit of Salary Form (if applicable)
  FERPA Responsibility Acknowledgment

*NOTE: Refer to the Employee Assignments Toolkit section for instructions on completing the forms.

1st Day (General)
  Staff Introductions
  Dress Code
  New Hire Orientation - Schedule with HR x2221
  Parking Pass
  Pay Checks and Dates
1st Day -1st Week (Hours of Work)
  Work Week and Hours of Work
  Meal Breaks
  Required Overtime
  Work Schedule Changes
1st Week (Department Structure and Functions )
  Department Overview
  Organizational Chart
  Job Duties and Responsibilities
  Where to Get Help and Information
  Performance Standards
  Department Policies Regarding Personal Calls and Cell Phones
1st Week (Housekeeping )
  How to Use The Telephone
  Location of Supplies
  Keys and Key Control
  Equipment Use
  Business Cards
  Building Evacuation Plan and Extinguisher Locations
1st Week (Leaves of Absences )
  Vacation and Sick Leave Accruals
  Vacation Leave Requests
  Sick Leave Requests
1st Week (Other)
  Compliance Training
  Probationary Period (*Classified Employees Only)
  Annual Performance Review Process at UT Dallas
  Campus Tour
1st Month and Beyond
  1st Month Probation Evaluation (*Classified Employees Only)
  3rd Month Probation Evaluation (*Classified Employees Only)
  6th Month Probation Evaluation (*Classified Employees Only)
  Annual Performance Appraisal - Due 1st quarter of the calendar year

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