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UT Dallas - Human Resources

Direct Deposit

Every employee of the University (monthly or hourly) is eligible for Direct Deposit to his/her individual checking or savings account.

This form must be completed in order for your paycheck to be direct deposited PDF and turned in to the Payroll Office along with a voided check or savings deposit slip before the Payroll Office can process the request.  

The form is due 10 days prior to a pay date and once entered will be in effect the FOLLOWING pay period after processed.  Your Direct Deposit advice will be available via the Galaxy Self Service External Site.

The direct deposit process may take two pay periods providing the form is completed properly and turned in to the Payroll Office ten (10) days prior to the employee’s pay date.  The first pay period the employee’s check will be available at the Bursar’s Office.  The second pay period, the employee’s check will be directly deposited into his/her bank account.   The employee can view their direct deposit advice detailing earnings, deductions and net deposit via Galaxy External Site.

If the employee wishes to change banks, a new Direct Deposit form must be completed and the CHANGE box marked.  The employee will pick up his next check at the Bursar’s office and the following check will be directly deposited into his/her new account.

If an employee should elect to cancel their direct deposit, the employee will need to fill out a new direct deposit form and mark the box at the top of the page “cancellation”.   The employee’s check will be sent to the Bursar’s office for pick up.