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UT Dallas - Human Resources


Other Information

There are two different scholarship forms. One is for undegraduate and one for graduate students

Awards for scholarships, fellowships and other awards are granted at the Undergraduate and Graduate levels. 

The Administrative Policies and Procedures PDF has more details on the scholarship award program.   There are two forms that are available for completion for the awarding of scholarships.   They are “Appointment Form for Graduate School Scholarships, Fellowships and Other Awards and the “Appointment Form for Undergraduate School Scholarships, Fellowships and Other Awards.” 

These forms are to be completed, playing close attention to the questions on the forms; whether it is a competitive scholarship, whether it is being awarded to a degree seeking student, whether services are required, and whether the student qualifies for resident tuition.  All these questions must be completed and the appropriate signature approvals obtained for it to be processed through the Payroll Office and forwarded on to Financial Aid.