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UT Dallas - Human Resources

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Certificate Programs

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The Office of Human Resources is committed to creating a learning environment for all UT Dallas employees. In addition to the single class offerings, our HR staff have developed a number of specialized certificate programs. These programs typically extend beyond a one session format and may require some work outside of the class session. Every certificate program is targeted to unique issues and for specific audiences at UT Dallas, with the express goal of increasing the knowledge and skills of the participants who attend/complete the series. Successfully completing a certificate program may also serve as an important credential for verifying key job-related knowledge and skill, and as a means of acquiring and demonstrating new knowledge and skills needed to advance your career at UT Dallas.

The certificate programs will vary in the amount of classroom instruction time. Each of the series linked below describes the number of sessions in the series and amount of class time required for each session. Subject to resources and interest levels, the certicate programs will be offered periodically throughout the course of the year. Class content will include group discussion, exercises, testing, and assessment. Some outside reading, pre-work or homework may be required for certain classes. We strongly recommend that all employees first confer with your supervisor before registering for a class. Each employee who successfully completes a series will receive a certificate of completion. Descriptions of the programs currently available or to be developed appears below.

Certificate Programs Currently Available:

Catch Comet Pride: Service Excellence Certificate Series: There is no doubt that the University of Texas at Dallas offers excellence when it comes to a great education.  But times have changed.  Students and their families expect more than just a great education. In his November 4, 2009 state of the University message, Dr. Daniel addressed this very specifically. “… if you see students expecting to be treated more and more like customers paying a stiff price tag for the privilege of earning an education, they’re right. . . we need to think of our students in a bit of a different way than we might have before, and we really need to think about providing a service culture to our students.” Excellent customer service is essential if UT Dallas wants to continue to recruit and retain the brightest and best students.  For that reason Human Resources is excited to offer a customer service certificate program entitled “Catch Comet Pride.” Click on the above link to learn more about this certificate program.

Basic Managers/Supervisors Certificate Series: - This 12 classroom hour program provides an opportunity for managers and supervisors to hone their skills in a structured and documented way.  Whether you are a new management and supervision or you have been doing it for many years, this is an opportunity to acquire new skills and sharpen existing ones. The program is also available to staff who currently may not supervise or manage others at UT Dallas but aspire to do so.

Certificate Programs To Be Developed:

  • Advanced Certification for Managers and Supervisors
  • Leadership
  • Success at UT Dallas

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