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UT Dallas - Human Resources

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Online Training

The Office of Human Resources is pleased to announce that it has expanded its options for delivering training and staff development to the UTD campus community.

Current Training Online

"Understanding the Family and Medical Leave Act"

What does this mean for UTD employees? 

It means that in addition to the face-to-face classes being offered through the Employee Development Program, elearning training sessions are being developed and made available to staff and faculty at UTD.  Using an Internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Netscape Navigator, staff and faculty will be able to access the online classes from a PC workstation. Some classes will be conducted completely in an online format. Others will be made available in conjunction with face-to-face classes.

Watch for email announcements and information posted here or on Galaxy announcing when new online classes from Human Resources are available.

Do any other departments offer online training ?

There are a number of departments across the campus that currently have training available online. Click on the links in the Other Online Training Available box for more detailed information.

Contact Us

Click on the above link to view a list of Training and Employee Development staff that can assist you.