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UT Dallas - Human Resources

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Certificate Program for Managers and Supervisors

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Terry Cartwright,
Organizational Development &
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David Gleason,
Organizational Development &
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The Office of Human Resources is proud to be offering a training Certificate Program for Managers and Supervisors  This program provides an opportunity for managers and supervisors to hone their existing skills, and to develop new skills, in a structured learning environment.  Whether you are new to management and supervision, or you have been getting work done through others for many years, this is a great opportunity for you. The program is also available to staff who currently may not supervise or manage others at UT Dallas but aspire to do so.

The basic certificate program consists of six training sessions, each 2 hours in length. Once a new series is launched, a class will be offered approximately every 3-6 weeks. Listed below is a brief description for each module in the series.

Module 1 – Communication and Listening Skills – Participants will examine their own communication style and discuss ways to deal with others whose communication style may be different. Participants also will explore and discuss various issues that impact the communication process between employees and the manager or supervisor.

Module 2 – EEO Laws – Participants will gain a better understanding of Equal Employment Opportunity laws and the implications they hold for the manager, supervisor and the university as it relates to hiring, discipline and termination.

Module 3 – Performance Management – Participants will discuss all aspects of an effective performance management system and the different methods and tools for managing the performance of those they supervise.

Module 4 – Conflict Resolution – Participants will learn about the nature of conflict, common approaches taken when in conflict and the importance of supervisors and managers taking appropriate action in response to workplace conflict.

Module 5 – Dynamic Discipline– In this session, managers and supervisors will learn the full range of the University’s discipline process and how to use that process legally, appropriately and effectively.

Module 6 – Motivating and Recognizing Employees – Participants will explore key concepts behind employee motivation and learn the importance of using recognition and praise as way to honor the employee and promote workplace satisfaction and productivity.

This program is open to all UTD employees. All interested applicants should discuss the program with their supervisor before registering. In order to receive the certificate, an employee must attend each of the sessions listed above.  If a session is missed, the certificate will not be available until the employee attends the missed session. We plan to offer this certificate program about two times a year.

Facilities Management graduate of Managers & Supervisors Certificate Program

Thanks to the class of supervisors and managers from Facilities Management who helped us pilot test the program and congratulations for being the first campus group to complete the Certificate Program for Managers and Supervisors.


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