The Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is oriented towards providing entrepreneurial education both on campus and within the community. Here’s what we offer on campus.

Business Idea Competition

  • The UT Dallas Annual Business Idea Competition allows student teams to present their biggest and best ideas for a chance to win scholarships and financial awards.
  • Got the next BIG idea? Come and swim with the sharks! Enter the competition.

Entrepreneurship Club

  • A fun and dynamic student-led club for those with an innovative spirit
  • Events hosted include:
    • Speaker Series
      • Speakers are involved in the innovation ecosystem, as either owners of startups, serial entrepreneurs, corporate entrepreneurs or in the financial arena.
      • Students hear how speakers innovate in established companies, made their money, launched their big ideas and built their successes.
    • CEO Dinner
      • Each year, students are able to engage with leading CEOs and ask the important question: How do I become a CEO?
      • The intimate dinner environment allows students personal interaction with those at the top.
    • Workshops
      • Workshops allow students to enhance their leadership skills, to grow their innovative knowledge and to just have fun.
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Classroom Environment

  • Experiential classroom settings give students hands-on experience.
  • Students work on projects — their own, faculty-led and those sponsored by local companies.
  • Students enhance their innovation skills, by working through complex projects with the guidance and expertise of key faculty members.

Experienced Faculty

  • All faculty have practical experience gained in innovative and/or entrepreneurial business settings.
  • They have been in the trenches; now they teach and guide students, providing them with a complete, well-rounded education in entrepreneurship.