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Information Security Classes for Students - Course Descriptions

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Student Information Security Awareness Certificate

The Information Security Office has created a FREE series of classes to help the campus community understand and deal with current security threats. The series will cover a broad range of information security topics including understanding and protecting yourself from viruses/malware and identity theft, online security and privacy, and how to protect your computer and your data. Each class will focus on one topic and provide participants in depth information as well as recommended security best practices related to the topic. Participants who complete all five classes will earn the Student Information Security Awareness Certificate.


Have you heard horror stories about viruses and other malware? Want to know how to separate fact from fiction? This class is for you! In this session, we will discuss viruses and phishing in depth. Participants will also learn security best practices to help protect themselves and their data.

Topics include:

  • Current viruses/malware
  • Infection methods
  • Phishing/Spam
  • Banner ads
  • Links
  • Videos
  • Symptoms of infection
  • What to do if you are infected
  • Protecting yourself

Tech Tips: Protecting Your Computer and Data (hands on)

In this session, participants will learn the technical skills they will need to protect their computers and data, both at work and at home.

  • Topics include:
  • Operating System updates
  • Anti virus updates
  • Application updates
  • Safer surfing

Online Security and Privacy

In this session, we will discuss potential risks of using social networking and communication sites, such as Face book, MySpace, blogs, and wikis, and give you tips to keep yourself and your data safe in today's online world.

Topics include:

  • Viruses
  • Identity Theft overview
  • Social Engineering
  • Protection tips

Identity Theft

This session is an in depth exploration of Identity Theft including common methods and motivations. Additionally, we will discuss ways to identify and avoid identity theft.

Topics include:

  • Definition
  • Examples of scams
  • Methods and Motives
  • Protection tips

Facebook 101

Participants will learn how to navigate and function safely within Facebook.

Topics include:

  • Setting security and privacy settings
  • Third party applications
  • Best practices for protecting your privacy on Facebook
  • Viruses/malware on Facebook

Class schedule and registration information