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Directions to UT Dallas

(You MUST be on a UT Dallas Network or using VPN)
Web + Email Security
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Digital Certificates: How to apply/enroll for Digital ID

  1. Type or copy the following address into the browser Address bar:

  2. Click Enroll for New Digitial Certificate.

    Digital ID Main Page

  3. Enter your netid and password.  This is the id/password combination you use to access the UT Dallas network. Click on the Submit

  4. Click Enroll. An email will be sent to your UTD email address

    NOTICE: It may take several hours before you receive the email.

  5. Open the email and click on the link in it to finish enrolling for your certificate. Even though you have been taught NOT to click on links in email, this is one of the times it's acceptable.

    NOTICE: It may take several hours before you receive the email.

  6. Create a PIN. This number will be used when you import your certificate into your browser. Pick something that you will remember because we cannot recover it for you. You can also save the PIN in your encrypted password list.

  7. Click Submit. It may take several minutes for the next screen to load. Please be patient.

  8. Click Download

  9. Save the certificate on your H drive or Home drive. If you are not given an option to choose where you save your certificate, your browser probably downloaded it into the Downloads folder on your C drive. You can simply copy the certificate file from this folder onto your H drive. Name it with the "Incommon" plus the current date ie: "InCommon_01-10-2011". If one already exists, then add "_002" to it. Etc.
  10. Install your digital certificate next. Select the instructions for the operating system on your computer. If you are using a Mac, make sure you select the instructions for the email program you are using. Instructions