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Digital Certificates: How to use your Digital IDs to sign and encrypt e-mail using Mulberry

  1. Click on File/Preferences.  Then select the Identities tab from the Preferences screen.

    File Preferences

  2. Select an Identity to edit.  Click on Change, and select the Security tab.

    Identity Edit

  3. You have two certificates.  One is used for encryption.  The other is used for signing.  In Mulberry, the first key in the store is the Default Key.  (In this example, that is the signing key.  Due to a quirk in the way Mulberry selects keys, the signing key should always be the Default Key.  Therefore, you should always import the signing key before you import the encryption key. )
    Check the box labeled "Sign Messages" if you want to sign every message.  Otherwise, you can select "Sign and/or Encrypt" in a new message, before you send it.

    In this example, Sign is selected, Encrypt is not.

    Email Message Example

    Other email clients, such as Thunderbird, allow you to choose which key to use for signing and which to use for encryption.  Make sure you select them properly.

  4. Congratulations!  Now you're ready to sign and encrypt email