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Patches: Windows

Keeping your Windows computer up to date is vitally important. New exploits, viruses and worms and being released on the Internet constantly. Many of these malicious programs are designed to take advantage of weaknesses in the Windows operating system and the programs that run on it. In order to protect yourself against these weaknesses, you must patch your computer routinely.

At home you do this by visiting the Windows Update website, clicking on "Scan for updates", selecting those you want to install and then manually agreeing to install them. You should always accept all the patches labeled "Critical Updates and Service Packs". Those are the patches that will protect your computer from exploits. You may also want to install some or all of the patches labeled with your version of Windows (e.g. "Windows XP"). Those are optional. Finally, you may also want to install the patches labeled "Driver Updates", if there are any. Those are also optional.

Here at UT Dallas, we provide automated methods of keeping your Windows computer up to date. If you login to the CAMPUS Windows domain, the automated system is installed on your computer and you don't need to do anything further. However, if you don't login to the campus domain, you need to either install the Windows Software Update System (SUS) and the Software Management System (SMS) or you may choose to opt out of the process, if you have a compelling reason to do so.

Windows Updates are going to be pushed to your computers every Friday morning at 3.00a. Therefore, when you leave for the day on Thursday, please do NOT shut down your computers. Simply log off or lock it and leave your computer powered on so that the updates will be properly installed. Thank you for your cooperation.