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Patching Windows: Automated Patching of Windows Hosts via SMS

SMS (System Management Server) is a tool that Information Resources uses in order to push out packages to all systems that are currently connected and running on the Campus domain. This software gives us the ability to push certain software packages to the user’s computer relieving the user from having to update their systems themselves.

SMS installs multiple components onto a users system. (Most have likely already been installed.) These components grant the system administrative access to your computer so that certain packages can be installed even if the user is not logged in or does not have administrative access to their computer. Some of these components also allow Information Resources to remotely control your computer, so that technicians do not need to come to your desk to fix a problem. SMS is a very useful tool that can be used to keep computers up to date and remotely assist users with problems.

The package is very simple and does not require much user interaction. A user will see a gray box pop up in the screen that will say a package is scheduled to run in 5 minutes, and then it will begin counting down. The user will have the option to select run now or close. If the user chooses close then the package will run after the 5 minutes has expired. In most cases, SMS will be installed on your computer when it is first configured and added to the network.

If you have any questions or concerns about SMS, please feel free to email, Help desk.