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Patching Windows: Automated Updates of Windows-based Computers Using SUS

Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems have a component called Windows Update. CAMPUS domain administrators have utilized group policies to automatically configure all CAMPUS domain computers for Windows Update. In order to reduce network traffic and the download time from the Microsoft website, Software Update Services (SUS) allows domain administrators to download all of the critical updates and patches to a local UT Dallas server and verify their integrity before releasing them to UT Dallas computers. As part of the configuration mentioned above, all CAMPUS domain computers will be pointed to the local SUS server for the downloads. At this point in time, the scheduled updates will begin at 3:00am.

Computers that are not part of the CAMPUS domain can also be configured for automated updates through SUS by their administrators. To do so, please follow these instructions.

Critical updates and patches usually make small modifications to the operating system and do not typically require a reboot before they become effective, but this is not always the case. The following are the three typical states of a computer and what will happen if a reboot is required:

  1. If your computer is powered on, but you remain logged in, the updates will be applied and a dialog box will appear, which will ask whether you want to reboot now or reboot later. You should save any files that you may have open and reboot your computer as soon as possible.
  2. If your computer is powered on and no one is logged on, the critical updates nd patches will be applied and a reboot will occur automatically
  3. If your computer is turned off overnight, application of critical updates, patches and services packs will be attempted when it is powered on again. At that point, either number 1 or 2 will apply.

NOTE: The application of the updates may occur at time later than 3:00am and will be based on the number and size of the updates necessary to update campus computers.