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Policies: Computing Software Copyright Policy

Most software on computers at UT Dallas is protected by Federal copyright laws. In addition to the copyright laws, there usually is a license agreement between the software seller and the purchaser to protect the software.

Educational institutions are not exempt from legislation covering copyrights. The University's policy is to respect the copyright protections given under Federal law, and to adhere to the conditions of the license agreement. The following policies and procedures apply:

  1. Software provided through the University for use by faculty, staff and students may be used on computing equipment only as specified in the specific software licenses.
  2. Licensed software may not be copied on university equipment except as specifically permitted by the software license (to create a backup copy, for example).
  3. Faculty, staff, and students may not use unlicensed or unauthorized copies of software on University-owned computers, or any computer housed in University facilities.
  4. The individual who normally uses a specific computer is responsible for ensuring and being able to document via license agreement or proof of purchase that the software used on that machine is licensed. An appropriate supervisor is responsible when the same machine is used by several persons.
  5. For multi-user computing systems, the director of the organization unit owning the system, or the manager responsible for its operation, must document licenses and inform users of licensing conditions and take reasonable actions to ensure compliance.
  6. It is a violation of University policy to knowingly use or attempt to use software which is not authorized for use under normal operating procedures.

Unauthorized or unlicensed use of software is a serious matter and is without the consent of UT Dallas. Faculty, staff, and students should bring to the attention of supervisors or other responsible persons such as the Vice President of Information Resources, known or suspected violations of these policies.

Any individual violating these policies is required to take immediate remedial action; e.g. remove the unlicensed software from the machine. Persons refusing to do so are subject to University disciplinary action.