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Web + Email Security
Security Tips & Threats

Security Tips: Transferring Files

Due to the high threat of email-borne viruses, the UT Dallas Advisory Committee approved the use of email attachment extension blocking in 2000. Since that time, UT Dallas email servers have been configured to reject email with attachments that have extensions on the banned list. If you are having problems transferring files through email, it may be because you are trying to send a file with a banned extension.

This is the current list of banned extensions.

*.ade *.hto *.ops
*.adp *.inf *.pcd
*.asf *.ins *.pif
*.bas *.isp *.prf
*.bat *.job *.reg
*.ceo *.jse? *.scf
*.cfh *.lha *.scr
*.chm *.lnk *.sct
*.cmd *.mdb *.shb
*.com *.mde *.shm
*.cpl *.mdt *.shs
*.crt *.mdw *.url
*.dll *.msc *.vb
*.esx *.msi *.vxd
*.exe *.msp *.ws
*.hlp *.mst *.xex
*.hta *.nws *.zip

If you need to transfer files with extensions on this list, you have two options. You can rename the file extension to anything not on this list. You can use secure ftp (sftp) or secure copy (scp) to transfer the files.