Imaging & Document Management (OnBase)

The Imaging & Document Management group maintains the document management system (OnBase). In addition, the group performs workflow analysis and web forms design.

OnBase is an enterprise system that combines document imaging with electronic document management tools to capture, preserve, and deliver documents in digital form.

OnBase is used by numerous departments and colleges across campus and it is the responsibility of Enterprise Application Services to make sure that the system is administered, maintained, and upgraded regularly.

User Access

Prior to using this procedure to obtain access to your department’s OnBase account, you must contact your department’s OnBase contact team. The contact team submits a JIRA ticket requesting you be added to your department’s OnBase user group(s). Your management team will receive a notice from the JIRA system when the ticket is completed.

DepartmentOnBase Contact Team
Enrollment Services, Financial Aid,
Architecture and Infrastructure ServicesBenjamin Oakley, Peggy Attari
Human Resources ManagementChristina Sharpling
Information SecurityPeggy Attari
International Student ServicesCristen Casey, Eve Su
OtherContact the OnBase Administrator at

After you receive an approval notice (through JIRA auto-reply email), contact the Help Desk to request installation of OnBase on your computer.

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New Requests

Request a New OnBase Implementation

To begin the OnBase implementation process, send an email to


In order to implement OnBase, you will need the following:

  • Scanner.
  • Windows (XP, Vista, or 7) PC dedicated to the scanner.
  • OnBase licenses specific to your implementation.
Note: We will provide scanner hardware recommendations based on your estimated scanning volume.

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Work Requests

Request for Services

Service requests should be made via the appropriate JIRA project.

Requests for maintenance work; bug fixes, document type or keyword type creation, security issues, etc. should be entered into the Imaging and Document Management JIRA system project using the steps outlined on the Requesting Service page. The request should include as much detail as possible and, when feasible, any appropriate attachments.

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Add, Delete, or Transfer Users

Department OnBase management (contact) team members should follow the procedures outlined here to add, delete, or transfer users within their department.

  1. Submit your request through JIRA under the project “Enterprise Application”.
    Note: If you have a question about JIRA, send an email to the OnBase Administrator.
  2. Log into JIRA using your NetID and Password.
  3. Click on Create New Issue.
  4. Choose Enterprise Applications from the Project dropdown list.
  5. Choose Task from the Issue Type dropdown list.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Fill in the Summary box as follows:
    • Add: “Add user [user's NetID] to the [group name] group.”
    • Delete: “Delete user [user's NetID] from the [group name] group.
    • Transfer: “Remove user [user's NetID] from the [group name] group and add them to the [group name] group.
  8. In the Components box, choose OnBase Access.
  9. In the Description box, repeat the Summary information and add any additional information to help the Provisioning and Access team understand your request.
  10. The CC: field is optional. You may want to enter the user’s name so that they will received a copy of the request.
  11. Requested Due Date: Please allow 3-5 days for the completion of a request.
  12. Click Create. Your request will be assigned a ticket number and an email notification will be sent to you and any others listed in the CC: field.
    Note: Use the assigned ticket number as a reference for all communications with the OnBase Admin.
    Note: The ticket number will start with “EA-”. If it does not, please contact the OnBase Admin.
Note: If a user that was assigned an OnBase license is no longer employed with UTD, notify the OnBase Admin via a JIRA ticket so that the license may be released.
Note: If a user was transferred to another department, submit a JIRA ticket to have them removed from your department’s group.

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Online training is available for each type of OnBase client.

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