PeopleSoft Application Access

PeopleSoft Application Access supports all the PeopleSoft environments, as well as integrating the security between PeopleSoft modules and other web environments and applications.


The PeopleSoft Application Access Group supports access to the following environments.

  • Galaxy Portal (EP)
  • Gemini Financials (FMS)
  • Gemini HR (HCM)
  • Orion (Campus Solutions)
  • Business Intelligence Reporting Tools (OBIEE/EPM)
  • eProcurement (Sciquest)

Access Requests

New User Access

General access to Galaxy is automatically assigned to a new user when they receive a UT Dallas NetID. During the user’s first login, access is assigned to appropriate Gemini and/or Orion modules, depending on what type of user they are: Employee, Applicant, Faculty, and Student.

PeopleSoft Access Request

Some users require special access to perform their jobs. In order to obtain this specialized access, follow the steps below.

For PeopleSoft approvals please refer to the PeopleSoft Trusted Approvers document for your area and have the Trusted Approver submit the PSEC JIRA.

For OBIEE approvals please refer to the OBIEE Approvers document and have the Trusted Approver submit the PSEC JIRA for the Dashboards & Reports or Technical Answer Roles.

  • Trusted Approver should submit the PSEC JIRA for the update access. If the request is submitted by anyone besides the Trusted Approver, the request will take longer to seek the needed approvals.

When creating a new PSEC-JIRA, please choose PeopleSoft Security Project, one of the following Desired Completion Priorities, and your Requested Due Date matching the chosen priority. If the request needs immediate attention, please contact one of the PS Access team members after submitting the JIRA.

Desired Completion Priority Levels
1 – Within 1-4 business hours
2 – Within 8 business hours
3 – Within 2-3 business days
4 – Within 1 business week
5 – Within 2-4 business weeks
6 – Within 1-3 months
7 – Within 3-6 months

If we are unable to meet your Requested Due Date, the PS Access team will communicate an Estimated Delivery Date on the PSEC-JIRA and/or email/phone based on existing workload, priorities, and available resources as early as possible. If the request needs to be escalated, please contact the PS Access Manager.

Cost Center Security

Cost Center access or any changes to Cost Center access in Gemini Financials (FMS) requires a PSEC.


If you have any general questions related to PeopleSoft access or opening a PeopleSoft Security JIRA, please email: