Costa Rica Field Trip

This video is part of a project created by a UT Dallas student
highlighting the Summer 2015 Costa Rica course.

Join the UT Dallas School of Interdisciplinary Studies for a unique academic experience as we travel to Costa Rica to engage in hands-on learning as a means of enhancing our understanding of the relationship between environmental health and human health.

Course participants will gain a foundation in Costa Rican history and culture during more traditional academic lectures and discussions that will take place on the UT Dallas campus prior to travel. Then, our team will travel to the rainforests of Costa Rica and, with guidance from local experts, create and expand projects that reduce human impact on the natural environment and, consequently, promote healthy ecosystems. In addition, we will learn about the culture of the Maleku, the least populous of Costa Rica’s Indigenous groups, and receive instruction from the Maleku shaman in the use of rainforest plants for medicinal health purposes. We will also participate in a variety of eco-tourism activities as a means of gaining an “insider” perspective on eco-tourism as a central component of Costa Rica’s national sustainability and conservation agenda, thereby gaining a more nuanced understanding of how these activities incorporate nature as a means of promoting human health and well-being.

The course is open to undergraduate and graduate students from all majors. It is especially suitable for those with an interest in environmental issues (including the biological, social, political, and economic dimensions), Latin American cultures, social change efforts, and international development. Instructor approval is required to enroll in this course.Prerequisite: Participants are required to complete a 1-credit hour independent study course, “Costa Rica Prep,” during the 2nd 8-week session of the Spring 2016 semester. The “Costa Rica Prep” course is also taught by Dr. Jillian M. Duquaine-Watson. The independent study will provide an “introduction” to Costa Rican culture and provide valuable travel preparation for the summer 2016 course.

Tentative Travel Dates: June 10-18, 2016

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