Bennie D. Hughes

Bennie HughesHome: Hideaway, Texas

UT Dallas Degree: BA – Interdisciplinary Studies, MA – Interdisciplinary Studies

Work Background

I worked 43 years in the natural gas industry, 17 years for United Gas Pipe Line Company and 23 years for Lone Star Gas and Enserch Corporation.  I worked in several areas, natural gas transmission, gas control, engineering and environmental.  I am currently retired.


I continued my education with Dr. Galerstein’s guidance to earn a Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Benefits of on IS Degree

The completion of my college degrees not only broadened my background for the work place, but also gave me a high degree of self-satisfaction for achieving this goal.  To re-enter college after 20 years in the work place required a certain amount of courage.  I had to decide on a program that would enhance my job performance.  Fortunately, I met Dr. Galerstein, Dean of General Studies at the time, and she guided me into courses in a variety of fields.  The science courses helped to make my transition into the environmental arena.  These courses were directly related to “on the job” experience to include performing environmental assessments, inspections and managing cleanup of polluted areas.  UTD courses revitalized my writing skills for the company’s environmental corporate reports.

My degree also was instrumental in enhancing my previous photography experience through advanced photography courses. I was able to use photography in other courses to complete assignments.


Photography has been a consuming hobby since 1950.  I continue to enjoy creating images through the camera.  Some of my photographs have been featured in national publications, local advertisements and newspaper articles.  Golf is also a game I enjoy participating in with friends and family.