Dr. Karen Prager, Co-Founder
Professor of Psychology and Program Director

Office: GR 2.600 / HH 2.501
Phone: 972-883-2353
Email: kprager@utdallas.edu
Karen Prager’s Home Page

Dr. Erin Smith
Associate Professor, American Studies

Office: HH 2.304
Phone: 972-883-2338
Email: erins@utdallas.edu
Erin Smith’s Home Page

Dr. Susan P. Chizeck
Senior Lecturer II and Internship Director, Interdisciplinary Studies

Office: HH 2.808
Phone: 972-883-2248 Email: chizeck@utdallas.edu
Susan Chizeck’s Home Page

Dr. Jillian Duquaine-Watson
Senior Lecturer I, Interdisciplinary Studies

Office: HH 2.810
Phone: 972-883-2767
Email: jmw087000@utdallas.edu
Jillian Duquaine-Watson’s Home Page

Dr. Pamela Gossin
Professor, History of Science and Literary Studies

Office: JO 3.927
Phone: 972-883-2071
Email: psgossin@utdallas.edu
Pamela Gossin’s Home Page


Dr. Pia Jakobsson
Lecturer I, History

Office: JO 4.128
Phone: 972-883-4706
Email: pia.jakobsson@utdallas.edu
Pia Jakobsson’s Home Page

Dr. Kim A. Knight
Assistant Professor, Emerging Media and Communication

Office: ATC 1.506
Phone: 972-883-4346
Email:  kak102020@utdallas.edu
Kim Knight’s Home Page

Dr. Adrienne L. McLean
Professor of Film Studies

Office: JO 5.606
Phone: 972-883-2755
Email: amclean@utdallas.edu
Adrienne McLean’s Home Page

Dr. Patricia Michaelson
Associate Professor of Literary Studies

Office: JO 5.108
Phone: 972-883-2767
Email: pmichael@utdallas.edu
Patricia Michaelson’s Home Page

Dr. Jessica C. Murphy
Assistant Professor of Literary Studies

Office: JO 5.426
Phone: 972-883-4445
Email: jessica.c.murphy@utdallas.edu
Jessica Murphy’s Home Page

Dr. Jackie Nelson
Assistant Professor, Psychological Science

Office: GR 4.822
Phone: 972-883-4478
Email: Jackie.Nelson@utdallas.edu
Jackie Nelson’s Home Page

Dr. Monica Rankin
Associate Professor of History

Office: JO 4.916
Phone: 972-883-2005
Email: mrankin@utdallas.edu
Monica Rankin’s Home Page

Dr. Meghna Sabharwal
Assistant Professor of Public Affairs

Office: GR 2.238
Phone: 972-883-6473
Email: meghnasabharwal@utdallas.edu
Meghna Sabharwal’s Home Page

Dr. Elizabeth Salter
Senior Lecturer III, Interdisciplinary Studies

Office: HH 2.114
Phone: 972-883-2484
Email: emsalter@utdallas.edu
Elizabeth Salter’s Home Page

Dr. Sheryl Skaggs   
Associate Professor and Department Head, Public Affairs and Sociology

Office: GR 2.234
Phone: 972-883-4460
Email: slskaggs@utdallas.edu
Sheryl Skaggs Home Page

Dr. Sabrina Starnaman
Visiting Assistant Professor, Literature

Office: JO 5.514
Phone: 972-883-2721
Email:  sabrina.starnaman@utdallas.edu
Sabrina Starnaman’s Home Page

Dr. Dean Terry
Associate Professor and Director, Emerging Media & Communications

Office: ATEC 1.602
Phone: 972-883-6285
Email: dean.terry@utdallas.edu
Dean Terry’s Home Page

Dr. Katherine Turk
Assistant Professor of History

Office: JO 3.928
Phone: 972-883-6908
Email: Katherine.turk@utdallas.edu
Katherine Turk’s Home Page

Dr. Marilyn Waligore  
Professor, Aesthetic Studies and Photography

Office: AS 2.104
Phone: 972-883-2001
Email: waligore@utdallas.edu
Marilyn Waligore’s Home Page

Dr. Shilyh Warren
Assistant Professor, Arts and Humanities

Office: JO 5.304
Phone: 972-883-6316
Email:  shilyh.warren@utdallas.edu  
Shilyh Warren’s Home Page

Dr. Michael Wilson
Associate Professor and Associate Dean of Graduate Studies

Office: JO 5.604
Phone: 972-883-2080
Email: mwilson@utdallas.edu
Michael Wilson’s Home Page


Dr. Lynn Winstead-Mabe
Senior Lecturer I, American Studies

Office: HH 2.812
Phone: 972-883-2804
Email: lynn.mabe@utdallas.edu

Dr. Tonja Wissinger
Senior Lecturer I and Assistant Dean, Interdisciplinary Studies

Office: HH 2.804
Phone: 972-883-2814
Email: twissin@utdallas.edu


Dr. George Fair

Dean of Interdisciplinary Studies & Co-Founder
Administrative Oversight and Guidance

Office: HH 2.138
Phone: 972-883-2350

Email: gwfair@utdallas.edu
George Fair’s Home Page

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