B-1/B-2 and F-2 Visa Holders

UT Dallas permits all qualified students to enroll in classes, and to engage in degree-seeking study. However, immigration regulations specifically prohibit study in the U.S. while in B-1 / B-2  and F-2 status.

If you currently hold B-1/B-2 or F-2 nonimmigrant status and would like to enroll in classes, you may apply for a change of status to F-1 or M-1, as appropriate, if:

  • You have not yet enrolled in classes
  • Your current status has not expired
  • You have not engaged in unauthorized employment 

If you are considering changing to F-1 status, you may find the ISSO Change of Status Guide helpful. It provides general information about the two methods of changing status, procedures and timelines. 

The ISSO also conducts Change of Status workshops each month. Advising services are also available to assist you.

Please be aware that USCIS commonly requires 3-4 months to process a change of status application, so plan ahead.