Receive your DS-2019

A DS-2019 is required by the U.S. Department of State (DOS) as a part of the J-1 visa application. It is issued by each U.S. university or college that admits you as a prospective J-1 student. You may receive DS-2019s from more than one school. At the visa interview, you will present to the visa officer the DS-2019 from the school you wish to attend.

To receive a UT Dallas DS-2019:

  • Meet all eligibility requirements and be admitted to a UT Dallas degree seeking program (except incoming exchange students).
  • Submit the following documents to the International Student Services Office (ISSO).
    1. The Completed UT Dallas J-1 Student DS-2019 Request form.
      Page 1 – fill these fields

      • Student Name and Date of Birth. Enter your name and date of birth.
      • Section A: Select the appropriate request and attach copies of the indicated documents for your request to submit with the form.
      • Section B: Fill out all the fields with your biographical information.
      • Section C: Answer the questions.  If you answer YES to the first question collect copies of all your IAP-66s or DS-2019s to submit with this form.
      • Section D: Read and understand the mandatory U.S. Department of State J-1/J-2 insurance requirement before checking off the statement in this section.
      • Section E: Find in this section information on how to submit your application.
      • Student Signature and Date: Sign and date this page before submission to the ISSO.
    1. The Completed UT Dallas J-1 Financial Affidavit Form
    2. Financial support documents from qualifying funding sources: click for acceptable financial documents. Note: Based on the source of funding you may become subject to the Two-Year Home-Country Physical Requirement.
    3. The passport ID pages for you and your dependents (if any). The pages that shows your photo, name, date of birth, city of birth, and expiration date.
    4. Include with your application any other additional documents indicated on the form that are required for your request.
  • Submit your UT Dallas DS-2019 request documents to the ISSO in person, by mail or by email:
    • In person — Submit to the ISSO during office hours.
    • By mail — Additional electronic copies are not required.
      International Student Services
      The University of Texas at Dallas
      800 W. Campbell Road, SSB34
      Richardson, TX 75080-3021
    • By e-mail — Additional paper copies are not required.
      • e-mail your documents to [email protected].
      • Verify that the total size of attachments in one e-mail is no larger than 5MB. Do not send files in compressed formats, such as .rar or .zip. Instead, use a PDF, JPEG or DOC format.
  • Check your UT Dallas email in two business days after you have submitted the documents. Follow the mailing instructions in the email. If there is no email within two business days, contact the ISSO at [email protected].
  • Confirm if based upon your funding, you are subject to the 2 Year Home Country Physical Presence Requirement.

Preparing for Your Visa Interview

Below is important information that you will need when applying for a J-1 visa

  • UT Dallas’ school code: DAL214F00379000
  • UT Dallas’ J-1 program number: P-1-03246
  • How to pay the mandatory SEVIS I-901 Fee

Additional information on documents for the visa application may be found at