Concurrent Enrollment


Students can maintain F-1 status by completing courses concurrently at another institution while remaining on a UT Dallas I-20 if they meet all the requirements listed on the Concurrent Enrollment Form.

Application Process

  1. Identify possible concurrent courses.
    • At least half of the F-1 required hours must be taken at UT Dallas. ¬†Undergraduate students must take at least 6 hours at UT Dallas, graduate students must take at least 5 hours at UT Dallas.
    • Only one online course can apply to those required hours.
  1. Verify with a UT Dallas academic advisor that the courses meet degree requirements.
  2. Submit a Concurrent Enrollment Form to the ISSO by Census Day of each semester of concurrent enrollment. Receive ISSO approval with a signature on the form.
  3. Enroll and complete the approved concurrent courses.
  4. Provide documentation to the ISSO that you completed the approved concurrent courses to meet F-1 enrollment requirements. The most convenient source for most students in an online grade report.
  5. Arrange for the transfer of credit to the UT Dallas Registrar’s Office.

Consult other campus offices to determine if reducing your hours at UT Dallas will affect other items, including scholarships, TA/RA positions and campus housing.