Receive Your Form I-20

A Form I-20 is required by the U.S. Department of State as a part of an F-1 visa application. It is issued by each university or college who admits you as a potential student in the United States. If you receive I-20s from more than one school, you will have to choose which school you will attend prior to the visa interview and supply that document to the visa officer.

To be eligible for a UT Dallas I-20:

  • Meet all eligibility requirements and be admitted to a UT Dallas degree seeking program.
  • Submit the following documents by mail or email to the International Student Services Office (ISSO):
    • UT Dallas Financial Affidavit.
    • Financial support documents:
      • Bank statement on bank letterhead, no older than six months.
      • UT Dallas TA/RA letter, if you have been granted an assistantship.
      • UT Dallas Scholarship letter, if you have been granted an scholarship.
    • Copy of the pages in your passport that contain your picture, name and date of expiry.
  • Check your UT Dallas Z-mail inbox in three business days. Follow the instructions for I-20 mailing. If there is no email within three days, contact the ISSO at

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