Cross-Cultural Activities

If you are an international student and a participant of the J-1 program, your home country trusts you to enrich your academic experience by participating in cross-cultural opportunities  available to you, thus increasing understanding between the people of your country and the people of the United States.

UT Dallas as an Exchange Visitor host and sponsor is entrusted by the U.S. Department of State to implement a cultural exchange program that promotes these diplomatic  goals.

The UT Dallas ISSO leads this mission with a growing and active curriculum of cross-cultural events that give you the opportunity to learn about U.S. society, its culture, and the local community in which you live.  Attend these events and share your unique perspective, culture and traditions with Americans and other international students to encourage diplomacy and understanding between nations.

UT Dallas and the ISSO look forward to meeting you and partner with you in creating a rich and meaningful J-1 experience for you and other J-1 participants.  If you have ideas for improvements or events that would assist you in meeting the diplomatic  goals of your J-1 immigration status let the ISSO know.

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