Assignments Before Orientation

At this point, you have followed the steps to prepare for your trip and come to UT Dallas.

Here is a checklist of important assignments you must complete as you prepare to register for classes.

Assignments Before Coming to the U.S.

  • Register for International Student Orientation (mandatory for F-1 and J-1 students).
  • Access Galaxy (mandatory) - Log into the Galaxy online portal to access UT Dallas Email and student self-service tools.
    • All official communication will be sent to your UT Dallas Email account.
    • Galaxy (ex: Student Center, Academic Records, etc.) will tell you what is needed to remove your holds, and which department to contact. Take care of the proper documentation required for the holds to expedite your registration process.
  • Meningitis Vaccination Form (mandatory) - All students must take the meningitis vaccine and submit the results to the Registrar’s Office per the instructions on their website.
  • Research Financial Support Opportunities (optional) - Visit the Financial Resources page to learn financial opportunities that may be available.
  • Prepare for life at UT Dallas:
    • Arrange Housing - See the following for more information:
    • Money - Determine the cost of tuition and fees, along with living expenses, and start-up deposits, and make arrangements to transfer money to cover cost.  In the past, international students have spent approximately $11,000 (U.S. dollars) in their first month at UT Dallas for tuition and fees, living expenses and start-up deposits.  Do not bring this amount in cash.  We have found that international students typically bring $200-$400 in cash when they arrive.
    • Medical and Dental Care - It is recommended that you schedule medical and dental appointments before you depart your home country.  You may also want to bring any prescription or any non-prescription medications (with copies of your prescriptions translated into English) with you.

Assignments to Complete After Arriving in the U.S.

  • Tuberculosis (TB) Documentation Form (mandatory): Effective for fall 2013 new students, all persons born outside the United States will be required to have a Tuberculosis screening (IGRA blood test, includes QuanitFERON and T-Spot) prior to registering for UTD classes.  This must be administered and interpreted in the United States.  See the Student Health Center website for details.
  • Submit immigration documents (mandatory) - All F-1 and J-1 students must submit a copy of immigration documents to  You will be given instructions at Orientation on the process, or you can visit the Immigration Document Verification webpage for details on documents to submit and submission instructions. 
    • Form I-20 pages one and three. Must be signed by you at the bottom of page one
    • Visa
    • Front of the I-94
  • Attend the International Student Orientation
  • Access Galaxy (mandatory) - Log into the Galaxy online portal to access student self-service tools. Galaxy will also tell you the appropriate department you must visit to clear your registration holds.
    • Submit Academic Documents (transcripts, test scores, etc)
    • Submit Meningitis Vaccination Form, if not previously handled.
    • Submit Tuberculosis (TB) Documentation Form, if not previously handled.
  • Make a decision about your options for Student Health Insurance.

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