Residential Options for Summer Camps @ UT Dallas

You do not need to be a Dallas area resident to attend the Summer Camps @ UT Dallas! We are opening our doors (literally) to students who live in other cities/states/countries! You will enjoy staying in our brand new facilities within the campus at a reasonable price and experience the college environment like a college student! Every student will have a private bedroom (visit to see the suite configuration). After paying the registration fee for your camp (complete list of all camps @, visit the following site to pay for the residential portion. In other words, you need to make 2 payments (one payment for the camp & 2nd payment for the residential option). 

Note: Residence halls’ cleaning will start on August 7th for Fall term. So, the residential option is not available beyond August 7th.

Registration site:

Note: Discount codes should be used with residential registrations. These payments are non-refundable after May 15th. $25 cancellation fee will apply until May 15th. 

Questions? Email


After we get your payment, we will work with you  to complete the necessary paperwork. All levels of stay include on-campus parking. Here are 3 levels of stay you can select from.


Bronze level for 1 week camp

Silver level price for 1 week camp

Gold level price for 1 week camp

  • 4 nights of stay
  • 1 meal per day + lunch at the camp
  • no activity center usage
  • Upto 5 nights of stay
  • 2 meals per day + lunch at the camp
  • Activity center usage
  • Upto 6 nights of stay
  • 2 meals per day + lunch at the camp
  • Activity center usage


For multi-week camps, weekends are included. 2 week camp will include 1 weekend, 3 week camp will include 2 weekends, so on. Bronze level includes 2 meals per day in the weekends, while Silver & Gold level include 3 meals in the weekends.



Bronze level

Silver level

Gold level

1 week




2 weeks




3 weeks




4 weeks




5 weeks





We will assign a UTD college student as a counselor to each residential camper. All counselors have completed the criminal background checks and child abuse avoidance training to the meet the rules & regulations of UT Dallas. Let us know if there are any questions!