Residential Options for Summer Camps @ UT Dallas


You do not need to be a Dallas area resident to attend the Summer Camps @ UT Dallas! We are opening our doors (literally) to students who live in other cities/states/countries! You will enjoy staying in our brand new facilities within the campus at a reasonable price and experience the college environment like a college student! Every student will have a private bedroom (visit to see the suite configuration). After paying the registration fee for your camp, you need to visit the following site to pay for the residential portion. Note that the residence hall is NOT available for the final 2 weeks of Summer, so we cannot accommodate your stay beyond August 8th. 


We have been assigned to Southwest Residence Hall. Its address is  
931 Drive E, Richardson, TX 75080

Resident counselor’s name is Michael Aldridge (UTD student) & his cell phone # is 469-540-3001. 

Registration site:

Note: Discount codes cannot be used with residential registrations. These payments are non-refundable after May 15th.

Questions? Email


After we get your payment, we will work with you  to complete the necessary paperwork. All levels of stay include on-campus parking. Here are 3 levels of stay you can select from.


Bronze level for 1 week camp

Silver level price for 1 week camp

Gold level price for 1 week camp

    • 4 nights of stay
    • 1 meal per day + lunch at the camp
    • no activity center usage
    • Upto 5 nights of stay
    • 2 meals per day + lunch at the camp
    • Activity center usage
    • Upto 6 nights of stay
    • 2 meals per day + lunch at the camp
    • Activity center usage


For multi-week camps, weekends are included. 2 week camp will include 1 weekend, 3 week camp will include 2 weekends, so on. Bronze level includes 2 meals per day in the weekends, while Silver & Gold level include 3 meals in the weekends.



Bronze level

Silver level

Gold level

1 week




2 weeks




3 weeks




4 weeks




5 weeks





We will assign a UTD college student as a counselor to each residential camper. All counselors have completed the criminal background checks and child abuse avoidance training to the meet the rules & regulations of UT Dallas. Let us know if there are any questions!


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