FREE Coding Workshops around Texas!


We are ready to travel any Texas city to run Coding Workshops in weekends during the school year to introduce coding to the school students! We have 4 levels of workshops to cover all school students (Level 0 for Kindergarten to 2nd graders, level 1 for 3rd to 5th graders, level 2 for middle school students & level 3 for high school students). We encourage the school students to start at the appropriate level and climb the levels in their own pace.


Topics: Scratch, Alice, MIT App Inventor, JavaScript, Java, C++, Programming Contests, Greenfoot IDE & more!


Do you want us to visit your city/school/community and conduct coding workshop? Help us with the local logistics – primarily find the classroom space that can seat reasonable # students(20?) with laptops. Typically, a local library or school will be a great fit! We can drive to any North Texas city that is max 3 hours drive from Dallas. We will likely need sponsorship to cover travel & stay if the distance is more. Email to get started. We can work together to make it work! 


Students need to bring their own lunch and snacks. Students are expected to bring their own laptops too – we may be able to bring a few loaners just in case. While these workshops are FREE, advance registration is required. We also request you to contribute at least $10 for half-day workshop and $20 for full-day workshop. Such donations will enable us to stretch our dollars and cover more cities! If you would like to support us with a tax-deductible donation, please visit and follow the instructions there. We would love to get a few corporate sponsorships as well. Email if you are interested. 


While we have identified appropriate grade levels for each workshop, we do understand that each child is different. We will NOT restrict others from registering & attending. Email if there are any questions. 


Upcoming Workshop schedule:



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