Upcoming events for UTD students

Flyers of upcoming events for UTD students: utd-events-pdf You can also “like” UTD CS department Facebook page fb.com/UTDCSDept to keep up with the updates. Unless clearly specified, all the events are open to general public, but do expect to pay a reasonable fee to attend these events.

We have exciting line-up of events in Spring 2015! We will start with “Welcome Weekend” – a series of technical talks from industry folks with lunch & dinner for all attendees! No registration necessary – just check the schedule @ bit.ly/utd-cs-events & show up in TI auditorium!!

Popular Big Data Club will be back in Spring term. Registration is required – see the details below. We will also restart Pathway to Internship workshop series – all workshops will be FREE – Registration is not required – just show up on-time to attend! Please double-check the latest schedule below before coming to each workshop. Best wishes!!

If the following schedule does not up, click on bit.ly/utd-cs-events (use Chrome browser if you still have trouble):