About LaunchPad UTD

LaunchPad UTD is a business accelerator educational program. However, unlike most business accelerators, it does not take any equity in the entrepreneur’s efforts. LaunchPad UTD is a nonprofit endeavor to accelerate regional economic growth through the development of principled, lifelong, entrepreneurial leaders.

was developed upon the idea that successful businesses are built by coachable entrepreneurs that learn how to properly execute a business idea. This model coaches the entrepreneur rather than the business.

provides an experience-based educational community where entrepreneurs can start acting on their business ideas and access resources to help them along the way. All participants are involved in start-ups of their own creation, ranging from food services to software development. Groups of entrepreneurs enter a 12-week cohort with an idea for a company. They receive practical training as they grow their businesses alongside others in their cohort. This training is free for participants.

The cohorts will complete a discovery process in an effort to develop their idea and assess the market fit. The scientific method is a way to ask and answer specific questions by making observations and doing experiments. Our entrepreneurs use the scientific method to test their business idea in the market. They attempt to validate their customer, their market and their profitability before assembling the company, filing articles of incorporation or soliciting for funding.


The model is based on a program developed and run by LaunchPad UTD directors for the last three years. LaunchPad UTD focuses on developing successful entrepreneurs that succeed over and over again. We strive to simultaneously support entrepreneurs in the growth and development of their startups; provide the resources and training to help them become entrepreneurial leaders for life; and create durable program that can be repeated and scaled cheaply and effectively in many settings and countries. We want to develop entrepreneurial talent so it benefits the regional economy and beyond.

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