Student Leadership Spotlight

Student Leadership Spotlight is an opportunity for the UT Dallas community to recognize acts of leadership, both small and large, that make our campus such an incredible environment to be a part of. These actions, whether it is picking up trash from the sidewalk as they walk by, championing a cause with their fellow peers, or charting a new direction for their student organization, are impacting those around them and are something to celebrate.

Student leaders are recognized monthly for their contributions to the campus community and beyond.

Nomination Form

Faculty, staff and students are welcome to nominate someone who has exemplified leadership to them! Submit your nomination in OrgSync.

UT Dallas student leaders

November Spotlight

UT Dallas student leader

Melissa Livermore
Junior, Healthcare Studies

Residential Life - Peer Advisor, UTD Public Health Initiative - Social Media Coordinator, UT Dallas Athletics Softball Player, Campus Outreach - Member

“Melissa is a strong, charismatic student leader who is not only involved in her campus and the surrounding community, but is a leader amongst the rest. She is intentional in working towards goals and teaches others by living this example in her day to day personal and professional life."

September Spotlight: Joseph P. Veeravalli
Graduate, Information Technology Management

April Spotlight: Cindy Rodriguez
Senior, Criminology

March Spotlight: Ashik Ghani
Senior, Finance

February Spotlight: Luis Garcia Fuentes
Senior, Information Technology and Systems

January Spotlight: Ashley Levy
Junior, Accounting and Healthcare Management

December Spotlight: Nancy Fairbank
Senior, Political Science

November Spotlight: Randi Baculi
Senior, Healthcare Studies