Library Exhibits – Books to Read in a Lifetime
Main Lobby Case – 2nd floor
Some books are classics and others become cult favorites. Amazon has compiled a list of some of the best books you could read. This exhibit showcases some on the list. What’s on your bucket list of good reads? Maybe you’ll find a new addition in this exhibit.
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The History of Eugene McDermott Library
Elevator Anteroom Two Cases – 2nd Floor
Eugene McDermott Library first started out in Founders North in1964 and moved to Berkner in the early 1970s. The current library building was built in 1973/74, and the collection and library staff was fully moved in during the summer of 1975. Learn about the library through years of changes, technology and progress.
Loreen Henry
Head of Information Literacy Services
Liaison to the School of Management
Dinosaurs have come back to life!
Juvenile Literature Case – 2nd floor
Come check out the juvenile display case for a terrifying selection of prehistoric tales and tidbits.
Katie Zlotnik and Doug Boedenauer
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America and World War I
Government Documents Case - 2nd Floor
World War I began one hundred years ago in 1914. This display highlights a few U.S. Government documents and books that cover aspects of the war. Drop by and see the Joint Resolution of the Sixty-Fifth Congress that declared war on Germany on April 6, 1917. Do you know what the headlines from the Dallas Morning News looked like on April 6th and 7th, 1917 when America entered the war? Copies of the front pages are included in the display.
Marna Morland
Special Formats Metadata Librarian
McDermott Scholars Cultural Experiences
McDermott Scholars Case – 3rd floor
This exhibit showcases the diverse travel locations and cultural experiences of the McDermott Scholars through the existence of The Eugene McDermott Scholars Program. As McDermott Scholars, students are required to study abroad for at least one academic term during their time in the Program. This case holds a collection of some mementos that the Scholars have brought back from their travels. To date, over 60 countries have been visited by over 150 Scholars.
The Eugene McDermott Scholars Program
Labor and Aviation Safety: The PATCO Strike of 1981
Special Collections Department Case – 3rd floor
On August 1st, members of the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization (PATCO) went on strike seeking concessions from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). According to federal statue, this strike was illegal. On August 3rd, President Ronald Regan fired those controllers who refused to return to their jobs. The strike and firings caused chaos in the aviation industry, changed the pattern of labor relations in the United States, and had lasting effects that persisted into the 1990s.
The History of Aviation Collections is proud to display material from the collections of Jim E. Kippen. Kippen was an air traffic controller at Andrews Air Force Base, a member of PATCO, and one of the fired strikers. This collection offers a first-hand look at the personal effects on a tumultuous moment in American labor history.
Thomas Allen, PhD
Curator of Special Collections
McDermott Library Through The Years
Stacks Case – 3rd floor
This pictorial history of the Eugene McDermott Library shows the changes to the building from 1975 to present. While the facade has stayed the same from its dedication in 1975 to present, the interior of the Library has seen many renovations. Take a year-by-year look at the building through seasons and campus architectural changes.
Loreen Henry
Head of Information Literacy Services
Liaison to the School of Management
International Space Station Flag
The University's first Ceremonial Mace
James F. Reilly II
McDermott Suite Case – 4th floor
Highlighted is a UT Dallas flag that was taken to the International Space Station in 2007 by NASA astronaut and UT Dallas alumnus James F. Reilly II. Reilly donated the flag to the university.
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