McDermott Accepts Submissions for Annual McLemore Award

McDermott Library is accepting nominations for the Ethel Ward-McLemore Award. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to nominate a library employee who has exhibited exemplary customer service over the past year. Every year, two employees are selected. Each award recipient receives a commemorative gold pin and a check for $1,000.

To be eligible, employees must have worked two years in McDermott Library and cannot have won the award in the past two years. Library administration is ineligible to receive the award.

The awards are funded by the late Ethel Ward-McLemore. Ward-McLemore, one of the first female geophysicists, was also a published author of several books. Her love for research and education eventually led her to McDermott Library. Impressed with the service she received, Ward-McLemore established the award that bears her name, honoring exemplary Library staff.

The deadline for submissions is May 7th. For more information about the McLemore Awards to or nominate a McDermott Library employee, go to