Library Chairs

Building Use Policies

By designating areas Quiet, Considerate, and Active, we attempt to balance preferences for individual work, research consultations, library transactions, and group study needs.

Blue Zone Noise Policy

Quiet Study (Blue) Zone

Fourth Floor


Silent study, no talking or socializing. Set cell phones to silent mode

Orange Zone Noise Policy

Considerate Study (Orange) Zone

Third floor


Quiet study individually or in small groups

Green Zone Noise Policy

Active Study (Green) Zone

First floor, Second floor, and individual study rooms


Interactive study with moderate talking allowed

Other Considerations

  • Please be considerate of others throughout the library, and, when talking, keep your voice to a reasonable level.
  • Keep cell phones on silent mode throughout the library, and send and receive calls in the first floor and the second floor lobby.
  • If there is noise in your study area that you believe to be excessive, you are encouraged to ask the noise maker(s) to be quiet. If you feel uncomfortable doing so or if the users refuse to cooperate, please report the disturbance to a library service desk on the second floor.

Food and Drink Policy Statement

  • Be considerate of others when eating foods that are messy, noisy or aromatic/smelly.
  • Covered beverages are permitted in most library study areas.
  • Clean up after yourself. Alert library staff to spills that need attention.
  • No food or beverages are allowed in the Special Collections Department.
  • No food deliveries in the library.
  • Interpretation of all these guidelines is at the discretion of Library staff.
  • Users that are non-compliant will be asked to relocate.
Approved by Library Administration September 2016