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Tour the Eugene McDermott Library with a knowledgeable staff member. Learn about the history, resources, and services on each floor. Library staff will conduct a 30-40 minute tour of the library.

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McDermott Library offers several types of workshops:

  • Library Research and Writing
  • Graduate Research and Writing
  • Non-Traditional Student Workshop Series

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Linda Snow

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The Undergraduate Core Textbook Collection
Fall 2014

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Database of the Month: ACM Digital Library

ACM Digital Library contains the full text of every article ever published by ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) and bibliographic citations from major publishers in computing. Use the Institutional Profile Pages to see our institution’s contribution to the field.

sage research methods

Start new academic year with SAGE Research Methods.
Check out Video Tutorials and Guides for Students and Faculty to help you with research projects.

Book of the Month:

Spillover : animal infections and the next human pandemic Spillover : animal infections and the next human pandemic examines the emergence and causes of new diseases all over the world, describing a process called "spillover" where illness originates in wild animals before being passed to humans and discusses the potential for the next huge pandemic. RA639 .Q83 4th floor



Teaching Company Lectures
Memory and the Human Lifespan DVD3167
Trails of Evidence: How Forensic Science works DVD3708
Understanding the Brain DVD1661
Meaning from Data Statistics Made Clear DVD1660
And other titles at 2nd floor Media Desk


The SCOPUS Database supplies a snapshot of papers published at UTD? See The Publications Produced at the University of Texas at Dallas LibGuide.

Managing Materials/Using RefWorks

Saturday, Oct 25
1 p.m. - 4 p.m. Location: MC2.524
Eugene McDermott Library and the SSC Writing Center present a workshop series for graduate students on library research and writing. Learn about managing notes, index cards and other writer's tools and learn to use the citation manager RefWorks to manage your research.

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