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2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Recipients for "the development of super-resolved fluorescence microscopy."
Eric Betzig; Stefan W. Hell; William E. Moerner
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Gender Studies Database includes journal articles, conference papers, thesis & dissertations, books and book chapters along with links to preselected websites related to gender studies.


Morgan & Claypool's Synthesis Lectures on Biomedical Engineering
Models of Horizontal Eye Movements
Digital Image Processing for Ophthalmology and
Biomedical Signals and Systems

Book of the Month:

Thanksgiving : The biography of an American holiday Thanksgiving : The biography of an American holiday
This classic Yankee holiday is examined in historical and contemporary detail that embraces everything from proclamations, sermons, and local and regional traditions to family reunions, turkey dinners, and recipes.
Nobel Prizes and nature's Surprises Each year the Nobel Prizes in the natural sciences reveal amazing discoveries. The growth of knowledge and its evolution can be researched in the Nobel archives where nominations are kept secret for 50 years after the awards have been made. All prizes in immunology are reviewed. Their impact on our capacity to control infectious diseases and transplant organs are highlighted.