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Database of the Month:

PHOTO- Reginald Marsh, [Man carrying woman on shoulders at Coney Island beach.], ca. 1938. ARTStor, the visual database contains over 1 million pictures, paintings, sculpture, photographs, architectural drawings, and designs. Derived from the artistic traditions of many eras and cultures, this material comes from museums, libraries, photographic archives, publishers, slide libraries, and individual scholars.
Shown here : Reginald Marsh, [Man carrying woman on shoulders at Coney Island beach.], ca. 1938.

Book of the Month:
Thirteen Ways of Looking at
Latino Art

Latino Art  Literary writer Ilan Stavans and philosopher Jorge Gracia engage in a series of dialogues on Latino art.  They reflect on a diverse group of artists and styles, including a 1962 Mariana Yampolsky photograph, a crayon, and one of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s recognizable skulls. While there are moments at which the writers arrive at a fresh viewing, they more often use the art as a platform to speak broadly of human life.

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A Delicate Truth by John Le Carre
The Sins of the Father by Jeffrey Archer
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