Mission and Holdings


As a branch facility of the Eugene McDermott Library, Callier Library's mission is to extend the research capabilities of McDermott Library to the Dallas campus of the Callier Center for Communication Disorders and to the Center for BrainHealth. Callier Library's collection is a subset of McDermott's focused exclusively on communication disorders.


Callier Library is a satellite facility of the University of Texas at Dallas Library. The library currently has over 3,500 books and monographs. Its periodical and assessment test collections in communication disorders are without equal in the North Texas area.  The library‚Äôs computer terminals and workstation provide patrons with access to many electronic databases, both at UTD and on the Internet.  The library also maintains a small videotape collection.  A valid UTD Comet Card is required for borrowing materials from the library and for requesting materials from interlibrary loan.

Though the library's purpose is to support the research of the Callier Center, the public is always welcome to visit.  Non-UTD affiliates who wish to borrow materials may join the Friends of McDermott Library at UTD's Richardson campus.  Access to the assessment test collection is restricted to UTD affiliates only. below.